MediaKick Review: Forza Motorsport 4

MediaKick: "There is so much to love about Forza 4 and very little to fault. Turn 10 have created the most visually stunning racer to grace a console so far, with a fantastic handling model and a wealth of community interaction and options. But this same lap has been completed four times now in the Forza series and whilst it gets faster and better each time it crosses the line – I can’t help but feel Turn 10 need to remove the safety car and unleash the series into brave new areas of motorsports."

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JellyJelly2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

This and Battlefield 3 = Holiday secured.

EazyC2405d ago

Mediakick is the only review source that counts.

mcstorm2405d ago

I cant get enough of this game looking likeits goimg to be my game of the year. Looks like turn10 are trying to make forza the biggest name on the xbox like pd have done with gt on the ps3 and i think they are on there way to doing this.

Janitor2405d ago

I just go tthis game, was screwing around in autovista. Came across the Lamborghini Reventon. I don't know alot about cars, but I do know I would give my left nut for that one.

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