PixelJunk Sidescroller Coming to PSN November 1st

Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games writes: PixelJunk SideScroller is not far from your hands. Yes, it has kind of crept up upon us, but the release date is 1st of November in North America. I really can’t emphasize enough how really, really good, old-school fun SideScroller has turned out to be. I’m sure some of you have played the “bonus” stage in PixelJunk Shooter 2 called “The Road to Dawn”, well that is what gave us the urge to make an entire side scrolling shoot-em-up game. Back in the day I used to love games such as R-Type and Darius, and going even further back there were games such as Scramble and Defender that inspired me as a child. So we decided to dip our toes in and see what PixelJunk could bring to the side-scroller world.

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CloseSecond2316d ago

Been a fan of PixelJunk games ever since I got hooked on Monsters. However, this one does not catch me like most of their other games.

skyblue142132316d ago

Looks good. I think that I will be picking this game up sometime next month.

Knushwood Butt2315d ago

I hope they do one of their promotions on their older games at the same time like they have done in the past. I still need to pick up PixelJunk Shooter 2..