Golden Joystick Awards 2011 Liveblog - PSLS

PlayStation LifeStyle is at the GamesMaster 2011 Golden Joystick Awards and will be liveblogging the event, starting now!

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Sev2339d ago

Seriously. But isn't it a bit early to be picking GOTY anyway? Most of the biggest releases aren't even out yet.

Lifewish2339d ago

it's ok, Valkyria Chronicles released in 08 and it could still win :)

BigWoopMagazine2339d ago

yeah seems early to me. I can say hands down Arkham City is the best thing I've played all year without a doubt. But we still have yet to see BF3, Skyrim, UC3, and so many more... so, what?

Lifewish2339d ago

Hopefully some solid awards!