Batman: Arkham City Corrupt DLC problems on Xbox 360 and PS3

A number of Batman: Arkham City users are reporting that they are suffering from corrupt DLC error messages on both Xbox 360 and PS3, but Rocksteady Studio’s Sarah Wellcock says this new problem is on Microsoft and Sony’s side, not the developer’s.

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dantesparda2466d ago ShowReplies(1)
benighted death2466d ago

I lost all of my saved data on this game!!!!!! For no reasons when i played it yesterday,at the menu was like i'd never played it yet!! I was over 8hours into the game!
Its honestly a really good game but i'm pissed off because of that and i'm selling it next tuesday for B3!
I'll probably buy it back in a few months...used
So i'll play it again but now i was too much advance to restart right now!

gamingdroid2465d ago

That sucks!

Save game corrupts are the worst and should never happen! That should be priority for any developer.

That said, does anyone find it weird that this issue affects both platforms, yet the developer blames the platform holder?

I suppose it could happen, but the common thread here is the developer....

rjdofu2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Lol only 8 hours? I once have lost a Monster hunter save which I'd invested 500+ hours in. Yet, I still start from the beginning.
What I'm trying to say is, if it's an excellent game and you really love it, there's nothing to stop you from playing it from scratch no matter what happened.

elmaton982465d ago

Maybe but thats not the issue here now is it

seinfan2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Everyone is not you. If I lost a save that I invested 500hrs of my life into, I'd be devastated. I wouldn't have much motivation or passion to get back to where I was.

rjdofu2465d ago

@seinfan: yeah, I came off a little bit immature here, maybe because I loved that game too much, same with this game.

dantesparda2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Sheesh! guys lighten up, i was just kidding. I got a question though did the mods flag my comment as bad language and take away a bubble or did the people?

kma2k2466d ago

I had the problem once at the main menu when the game checks for dlc it says game data curpot please delete all game data. I can only play this game offline, a buddy of mine who bought the collectors edition has this same problem & he is pised since he cant play with catwoman or robin.

Dfooster2466d ago

I would love to have the corrupt data message. At least then I would have a code and once they activate the servers I know it will work.

I unfortunately didn't get a code at all in my game box, so the game I bought is sat there totally useless unless I want to spoil the experience for myself and play half a game.

I have emailed WB but haven't even got a response back yet, so if I need to provide proof of purchase and start sending more emails back and forth when will I get to play this game?? Next week, next month? Come on, if you're gonna cheat people out of their second hand entitlement at least give them an excellent first hand experience. It's not good enough.

Mustang300C20122466d ago

Havent had this problem at all. Downloaded all DLC while at the main menu and have my save and gamertag on a thumbdrive. Sorry for the folks that are having issues.

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The story is too old to be commented.