Uncharted 3 has thousands of hours of content

It's not uncommon for games to keep players occupied for weeks and months - just look at the likes of Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War - but Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond reckons his title offers thousands of hours of content.

Speaking on the topic of the price of video games, Richmond told "I don't know what the manufacturing costs are, I don't know what the shipping costs are. I have no concept of that.

"I do know that for the amount of stuff we're putting in here, it is certainly not a bad deal. There are literally thousands of hours of content in this game."

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TopDudeMan2461d ago

1000s of hours? Assuming you play the multiplayer for at least 980 of those hours.

Sev2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Yeah, this quote is taken way out of context. Shitty journalism trying to get hits off misquoting.

All games with multiplayer have "thousands" of hours worth of content.

Uncharted 3's campaign is about [embargoed], and then there's some cool [embargoed]. I'm guessing about [embargoed] max. Don't know how any journalist could try to spin that into "thousands" of hours, even with a quote from a developer.

This site should be ashamed.

NukaCola2461d ago

I put 34 total hours into Uncharted 2 to get all the goodies and max the trophiesw to the platinum. I only played about 50 or so hours into the MP. After the Beta and current MP Mode, I am planning on putting a lot of MP into Uncharted 3 (In between Skyrim and Zelda) and I really want to know what this clown business in crushing co-op is all about. It sounds horrifying.

Iroquois_Pliskin2461d ago

1000 hours!? Then UC3, ladies and gentlemen, might just be the longest game ever! Hurray for gaming journalism!

sikbeta2461d ago

The more I know about this game, the more I want to play it!... 11 Days left!

BinaryMind2461d ago


HappyGaming2460d ago

1000 hours - 40 hours to play the single player twice or on every difficulty level and get every single thing (I am being generous to the journalist)...

960/24= 40 days

I doubt I could play the multiplayer for 40 days, most people on my friends list have player MW2 for no more than 10 days and thats in 2 years.

DaTruth2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

I remember checking the rankings and the top guy in Warhawk put in 1000+ hours; this was like 3 mos. into the game!

I was thinking, damn guy get a life... or at least some sleep!

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Bereaver2461d ago

Actually, there's and S on the back of that thousand.

Make that at least 1,980 of those being multiplayer.

evilunklebud2461d ago


10 more days.......

BlmThug2461d ago

Your wtong mate. If you play 990 hours of Multiplayer then you can have a thousand of hours of content

TopDudeMan2461d ago

I said at least. Nothing to stop you playing more.

aquamala2461d ago

I have the subway beta so can play as many hours as I want but only spent about 5 hours into it. Lots of people like me love the Uncharted campaign but never cared for the MP

Legion2461d ago

Yes... I hear that Beta has thousands of hours of gameplay too. ha

JaredH2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Yep. I'm pretty sure I have never played a game online for that long even with online I really like. I played Uncharted 2 for about 30 hours for single player and 24 for multiplayer.

showtimefolks2461d ago

for about 10-12hrs. than i don't like the online MP but i will spend a lot of time in co-op

also after UC3 i hope ND looks to do a prequel to tell how drake is where he is and how he and sully became friends. Also how about some gameplay when sully was a young man

UC3 now and JAK hd collection in early 2012 now thank you ND for taking care of your loyal fanbase

BeOneWithTheGun2461d ago

No, I think he means total. As in all the world contributing their hours lol.

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Clayman2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

now that's a bit exaggerated don't you think. Game will be damn fine though.

B00M2461d ago

Cant think of any game that has thousands of hours worth of content. If there is one, it definitely isn't uncharted. Talk about exaggeration.

IrishAssa2461d ago


Really? hate when devs talk like this. Every game offers Thousands of hours of content when thinking like this.

I've been considering buying Uncharted 3 though now. Was only gonna rent since i'm an Elder scrolls bitch but i'll probably buy in December.

TopDudeMan2461d ago

Well, I wasn't gonna get uncharted straight away since it's so short but I think I'll probably fold and get it after all.

hilyou2461d ago

the devs didn't say it had thousands of hours of content! the website did! these guys are just trying 2 get hits!

Alos882461d ago

Exaggeration of the year right there.

BushLitter2461d ago

Your statement? Is an exaggeration in itself.

It was just a joke

rezzah2461d ago

Funny how you get agrees after stating it was a joke.

Dimwitted people.

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