The next Xbox: What EA wants

OXM UK: "EA Partners producers talk holding the line against social media."

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gotgame19852437d ago

how bout some actual specs and enough about what these companies want, but who knows maybe they are actually telling
you whats the next consoles are in terms of spec by just saying i want this. when thats actually what it has.

Tyre2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I completely agree with EA, social networking/services/interfaces has to do with software(all possible already on current hardware). This was envisioned for this gen (remember JAllard's vision for the Xbox 360?) We're there. The Next innovation? Most certainly a next gen GAME console will make a difference with a new hardware leap, think physics/AI and gameplay and graphics not social networking.

ECM0NEY2437d ago

Yeah I hate Facebook. I have an account for long distance friends and family, thats all. I never update it though

Shadowaste2437d ago

Fast quad core
4-6 gb ddr3
GTX 570 or close

That will produce 5x quality of uncharted 2

Get on with it!

This gen has-been over for two years on consoles!

2436d ago