OmniTouch. Microsoft goes all touch sensitive

"Everything" can be controlled
The system is called "OmniTouch" and aims to transfer the index properties can now be found in touch-sensitive screens to the surface any time. The technology should be based on motion controller Kinect, which Microsoft has implemented in its game console Xbox 360 . OmniTouch is more sensitive, and measures the motion of a shorter distance.

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aviator1892463d ago

that actually looks awesome.

Skynetone2463d ago

having a camera mounted on you like robocop might put the ladies off

damnyouretall2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

lol. would be cool in glasses or sunglasses in the near future with better images. never know what the future holds

ArmrdChaos2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

This obviously has limited applications for everyday personal use, but for anything kiosk based might provide a cheaper alternative to a more elaborate touch screen interface.

saoco2463d ago

i really dont mean to ruin the party but i have seen this before by some college students. guy was waling around with a big battery pack, head gear and some shit on his hands. he could control thing with his finger and display the os on any surface. pretty badass and geeky looking.

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