Eurogamer Ratchet & Clank All 4 One review

EG: "At the most fundamental level there's nothing tragically wrong with the game, it just displays a lack of imagination that chafes against the legacy of a series that has never been short of ideas. For a game with that sort of pedigree, average simply isn't good enough."

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Fobia2317d ago

I can't believe the run of scores this game is getting. I had very, very high hopes that this would be a wonderful Ratchet experience, but it might look like I will be dissapointed when I get a chance to play it.

Sad, but good review though.

NukaCola2317d ago

It's getting 7s and 8s. The lowest scores are from the same sites that always give Sony the lowest like Destruictoid and Gamereactor Denmark. I expect Edge and GameKult to rip into this game like no other. IGN gave it an 8/10, so it's not as if this title is hated. It's a good game from all the reviews just not a world class title.

Pacman3212317d ago

What are you on about, destructoid gave Killzone 3 a 10.

Disccordia2317d ago

haha indeed this game always looked average and it's only getting the attention it is because it's a PS3 exclusive. It's been fair to say though that Insomniac have been poor this gen. Maybe, instead of releasing EIGHT games, they should have made only three or four.

HarryMasonHerpderp2317d ago

Ill wait for a demo on PSN before i make my mind up

death2smoochie2317d ago

it's getting poor review scores so far from what I have seen. However I am getting it as i love the franchise and could care less of what these reviewers are saying.


Enjoy the games you have folks. Don't worry about REVIEWS.

callahan092317d ago

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with this game that wasn't wrong with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but the critics just accepted the flaws in that one and said "Hey, it's a fun way of bringing 4-player multiplayer into the Mario franchise, enjoy it!" Why can't this game be treated the same way? Pisses me off, I tell you. It's a fun game.

NeverLetGo2317d ago

Nintendo games always get a free pass from reviewers.

If Uncharted 3 gets lower review scores than Uncharted 2 it'll most likely be for the reason of it being to similar of a formula to Uncharted 2 and for not rewriting the entire experience.

However, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is practically the same game as the first Super Mario Galaxy but it gets better reviews.

carreirabr2317d ago

Watch Gametrailers' review to have a good idea of how many bugs this game has.

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