TROPICO 4 - Review (Genuine Gamers)

Alaric takes a trip through the Caribbean islands of Tropico and discovers the values of dictatorship, industry, and bananas for the people...

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MilkMan2314d ago

I'll give you a quick review.
Stop making this game, re-design it so that it's actually fun to play instead of this middle of the road stuff they got going on and capitalize on what the premise is. There is A LOT MORE you can do when you are a dictator of a country other than place buildings down and follow your tourist. Did these devs even go to Cuba?

C_Menz2314d ago

I enjoyed the demo, however it was a bit confusing at first. I agree that there should be more options rather than it be centered around buildings, although the economy/diplomacy/rebel parts of the game were a nice touch they could have been expanded upon.