Diehard GameFAN: Pokemon Rumble Blast Review

DHGF: Pokemon Rumble Blast is one of the better titles for the 3DS this year, but if you don’t own a 3DS or the $35-40 price tag is too much, remember there is a WiiWare version for only $15. The 3DS version boats 400 more catchable (and thus playable) Pokemon, along with a completely redone story mode and several other new modes as well. Add in the 3D visuals and a great use of the spot pass feature, and this beat ‘em up button mashing brawler is reminiscent of when this genre was king as well as why. The odd “Toy Pokemon” visuals might annoy some while others might be put out by the fact this is more River City Ransom than the turn based JRPG form Pokemon normally comes in, but that’s likely to draw back gamers who like the Pokemon concept or characters, but got sick of the “same old, same old” from the core RPGs.

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