ZTGD | Dungeon Defenders Review

Drew Leachman writes: I’m sure everyone out there has heard of tower defense games. They’re everywhere. You can’t help but to have seen or played one in the past three years. Some may say it’s a genre that is getting old. Some will try to throw in a gimmick or two to freshen up the experience. Truth be told, there are a ton of tower defense games out there, but there really is nothing quite like Dungeon Defenders.

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bakagaijin782318d ago

Demoed this yesterday and really enjoyed it, very addicting gameplay, so I bought it. I'm looking forward to playing some split-screen co-op with my daughter. :)

Robotronfiend2318d ago

I've really been enjoying this one. I can tell I'm going to lose some long blocks of time just designing better and better defenses.

2 tips that helped me in the beginning: 1) Don't try to play the Monk solo. 2) Don't be afraid to bring out your other characters and use their defenses, but don't forget to drop your mana before swapping back to your main character.

FrustratedFury2318d ago

LOL. Yeah. I swapped out characters too many times with no mana because I forgot to drop it.

maawdawg2318d ago

The monk can solo pretty well after he gets the lightnig aura. Stack a lightning and slow and you can hold a pathway pretty well, not as well as a squire or apprentice maybe, but it is managable.