Review: RAGE | G3AR

Rage was promoted as a cross between Borderlands and Fallout 3 but anyone who still has hopes in that direction would do well to stop hoping right now. There are similarities to the two games mentioned but this is an id Software title and that only means one thing. You will be shooting things, preferably in the face, a whole lot more than you will be doing anything else. Except driving. There is a lot of driving.

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trainsinrdr2460d ago

This is just another crysis 2.
All about the visuals.

gamernova2460d ago

It's actually very fun. Although I wish they had more races in the campaign >.>

Virus2012460d ago

I enjoyed Crysis 2 more than this game. Rage's ending was (-.-)

Perjoss2460d ago

the internets are screaming that Rage is a flop, yet the review scores paint quite a different picture.