343 Industries: Interview

343 Industries explains what lies ahead for the Halo series.

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EVILDEAD3602461d ago

Talk about a title that has nothing to do with the article.

StanLee2461d ago

Dude, I know right. I'm reading the article and I'm like, WTF! Where is Bungie mentioned?!

aviator1892461d ago

Err, you might want to fix that title. Like evildead360 said, the title and the article just don't match up.
The interview focuses on 343i's past work with bungie and how now 343i has to keep everything they develop integrated and linked.

Great interview though.

Biglet2458d ago

Not that it really matters now, but:

"“What we used to do with Bungie was make these safe bubbled-off additive experiences,”

Hence the title, "Has Bungie's Bubble Burst?"

Unfortunately, there are so many genuinely flamebait titles on N4G that people can't differentiate from a title that's design to draw the reader in.