Sony PlayStation Night 2011: Hands-On With Uncharted 3 And Tekken Hybrid - JPS

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand was kind enough to invite us to its annual PlayStation Night. It is here where the company showcases all of its upcoming products to be released before the busy Christmas season. Amongst all the music, drinks and celebrities attending the event, the real stars of the show are the blockbuster games on display.

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rezzah2431d ago


Uncharted> Tekken

But Tekken is one of my favorite fighting series. Right under MK.

Inception2431d ago

Virtua Fighter > Guilty Gear > BlazBlue > Tekken (imho)

Uncharted it's not a fighting game, so i don't understand why you post 'Tekken > Uncharted' -_-

Quagmire2431d ago


people dont get a joke

tiffac0082431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

You should have made it more clear that it was a joke. ^^;;

Like putting /s on there or something.

Gran Touring2430d ago

Looking forward to both games, i just hope Namco doesn't botch tekken like they did T6.