PS Vita's built-in Twitter app shown off in Hong Kong, we go hands-on

Here's a little souvenir for Twitter addicts eyeing the upcoming PS Vita: at today's debut event in Hong Kong, we got to see said console's built-in Twitter app in action for the very first time, and we were fortunate enough to get some exclusive hands-on time with Sony's in-house software.

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mr_epsym_knird2373d ago

Hongkong Vita prices are just so reasonable... Is there anyway to import this baby out of that city? Or I might check on someone I know planning on going there and buy it for my stead.

Ddouble2372d ago

Slick and it's not the finished version

Rainstorm812372d ago

The PSV will be my first handheld in forever, i cant wait....

WooHooAlex2372d ago

I really only use twitter to get sports updates, so this should work really well for that.
Looks pretty good.

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