Blacklight Retribution - Second Developer Diary Released

DSOGaming writes: "Perfect World Entertainment and Zombie Studios released the second developer diary for their free-to-play FPS game that is powered by Unreal Engine 3, Blacklight Retribution. The game is designed exclusively for the PC and will support DX11, more larger environments, more dynamic gameplay and looks awesome for a free-to-play game."

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BX812373d ago

Was I the only one who thought the 1st blacklight was horrible? I think a lot of us purchased this game without thinking, leading the devs. to believe they should make another one.

Chrono2373d ago

This one is free-to-play.

BX812373d ago

I'll give it a try then. I'm all about some free! I just thought the whole game could've used more dev. time. Oh well.