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Doom 4 "Indefinitely Postponed" Following RAGE's Disappointing Launch

A source claiming to be close to the publishers of the recently-launched RAGE has told Kotaku that, at a recent "company wide" meeting held in Dallas, Bethesda and parent company Zenimax made the decision to "indefinitely postpone" development of Doom 4. (Doom 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Jensen  +   1257d ago
no shock there....
ATi_Elite  +   1257d ago
Doom 4 "Indefinitely Postponed"
Good! Very Good!

Go back to the drawing board and get people in there that can create the true feel of a proper Doom game.

Carmack has completely lost his touch. Carmack's tech skills are great but he can no longer design a game around fun, innovative game play.

I do not want some garbage Doom 4 game like that crap Rage! Better yet just sale the Doom I.P. to Epic and let them make it.

*Edit*...... Rage = Crap...Yes Crap the PC version was just a rotten console port. Now to a consoler that may mean very little but to a PC Gamer that means a lot especially when the DAM game has NO Graphics options!

Then the missions were repetitive, driving was basically a way to get back n fourth between Corridor game play, the game wasn't open world and the A.I. sucked.

The PC has the STALKER Series and Rage doesn't come close so that's why Rage is CRAP to me.
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vickers500  +   1257d ago
How was RAGE crap? Aside from the ending and the underwhelming bosses that is?
Bibto  +   1257d ago
Carmack has never been a designer at id Software. He is the Technical Director. I agree that the design if id games are influenced by what Carmack comes up with for the engine, but he does not design the games himself.

Furthermore, for me id games has sortof always just been a showcase for their latest technology. The design was usually mediocre, but the tech made it worth it. With all the games coming out nowadays, great tech simply just isn't gonna cut it anymore.

Lastly, I also think id's strong mod support on PC really helped them in the past. So even though the game itself might not have been great, you know you're gonna get some great mods. That's not possible anymore with the current console landscape.
bunfighterii  +   1257d ago
The console version is rotten too. I got it on PS3 a couple days ago and the texture load issue is so ugly its unplayable, not to mention numerous design flaws.
segamon  +   1257d ago
it's a great disappointment from id, a proof that their lackluster of desing and creativity. but honestly, it wasn't something completely unexpected, at least not to some.

it goes back to Quake II, the game was received with bells and whistles but many avid gamers did feel that something was not on par with genre definers like DOOM and Quake 1. some reviewers reconsidered their scores even.

evident proof of id's creativity loss and that its creativity was driven and amplified by a certain man, that man was creative game designer John Romero.

regardless to the fact he wasn't as successful outside id, without any doubt Romero still has it and i'd love nothing more but to see him work with Carmack on DOOM, Quake and others and together with the team reset and reshape id's future back to its true leading position.

my vote for id should re-invent itself and consider getting him back if they can and set things right. Carmack goes back to his thing and Romero to his. when these two worked together, of course with the fantastic team there was, they made gaming history.

id, if you're smart, call Romero.
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Heartnet  +   1257d ago
Console ports mean nothing to a PC nowadays.. Almost everygame that is on console was designed for console as every developer and publisher knows thats where the money lies...

Hell all ur beloved games that are multi play such as Skyrim, bf3 etc will have all been developed with the console coming first... its a sad truth to pc gamers but it is the only truth :)

and btw rage is not crap... It has no graphics options because it simply does not need them... it adjusts them to run at 60fps on ur machine which imo isnt a bad thing and makes life easier.. Rage is a solid game with little flaws apart from you found it boring :L Others have enjoyed it thoroughly including me and so that justifys it not being crap :)

and epic making doom? lol no they shud stick to TPS as thats the only thing there good at now :) And if they did it would be a crappy console port :) just go out and buy a 60£ xbox and ull soon see thats the way to go :) same experience for less :)
Arnon  +   1257d ago
Then why is BF3 on PC a generational leap compared to consoles on Very-high, with twice the number of players, twice the resolution, twice the framerate, with DX11 tessellation?

The same going for The Witcher 2 as well?
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EVILDEAD360  +   1257d ago
Who cares about the haters...I'll take Rage 2

I love this game..

Doom 4 will show up on the next console. Carmack admitted to the development issues of trying to develop across all platforms at the same time.

Either way I love the game. it's a shame Kotaku gets to take cheap shots at it with a rumored report.

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DeadlyFire  +   1257d ago
Indefinite postponement of DOOM 4 doesn't have to do with RAGE I don't believe. I believe it has to do with hints of PS4 also being in development for E3 2012 showcase. Its wise to hold up and rebuild the game across a few more platforms. :P Just my two cents though.
snipes101  +   1257d ago
Though I think people go a little far calling the game "crap" I found the game to be painfully dry. 5 or so years ago, this game might have been fresh. Now, it's just plain. No, nothing is original anymore, but most games have a hook to either hide that or make the obvious fact that it is unoriginal a non-issue. Rage had neither.

Carmac should seriously just stick to making engines and then give them to more creative developers. He's talented and creative when it comes to making game engines, but when it comes to implementing those into fresh experiences, he falls flat.

He helped pioneer the FPS, sure. But he has not done anything with it half as creative as anyone else has since then.
darthv72  +   1257d ago
not likely...
Did has nintendo postponed a mario game because one of their other games didnt sell well? Or sega with a sonic game?

Point being Doom is their bread and butter. So what if a spin off project didnt do so hot. They know they always have doom/quake as their go to so them postponing doom 4 is not in the least.

Besides, the two games have nothing to do with each other. Had this been a "Rage 2 indefinitely postponed" then I would believe it.
morganfell  +   1257d ago
Bibto, I agree with what you are saying as regards Carmack. But...Carmack has been a Designer at Id...for one game. He pulled dual duty on Shadow Knights as both Designer and Programmer.

It was a "just get it out the door" title back in 1991. Although published by Softdisk where Carmack used to work it was made by Id.

As regards Id games being technical showcases, such observations are subjective to a degree. Simply put it can be a matter of opinion. I picked up Quake II at launch and for me that game was never about the technology but rather the immersion in the missions on the Strogg homeworld.
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JsonHenry  +   1257d ago
Agreed man. Compared to even the FIRST Stalker RAGE was bland and boring. And the textures are CRAP.
KaBaW  +   1257d ago
@ATi_Elite -
Crap is your opinion. I think Rage is good and a fun game.
Autodidactdystopia  +   1257d ago

does bullocks mean crazy?

Motorola  +   1257d ago
Why is everyone blaming Carmack? Just because he's the ONLY one you know at id, means that his job is designing games?
ChrisGTR1  +   1257d ago
why would they make a sequel to doom 3. that game was the biggest piece of crap ive ever played.
BattleAxe  +   1256d ago
Time for id to close the doors, and also time to downgrade Carmack from legend status to monkey status ASAP.
showtimefolks  +   1257d ago
ID needs to go back to drawing board
They need to hire people who know how to do a true single player story where the actual story makes some sense with proper bosses and a proper ending. Yes ID can make beautiful looking games but there is mire to that than just how a game looks. Rage in no way a bad game but it's not what they promised. A game on 3 disks one for online 2 for single player can not and I do mean can not have a 8-10hrs story. Whe is the content if the game is on 3 disks or is it just mega textures

ID fans always defend them but I will out it like this 5 years of development means a game has to sell 2 plus million. Rage is not worth 60 it's a true example of how a 20 dollar game looks like content wise. I don't blame the publisher end of the day it's about money. So ID fans either ID starts to make better games or they should just start making engines and not worry about games
Jensen  +   1257d ago
oh my goodness... what have i started hahaha...... oh my
Persistantthug  +   1257d ago
id Software hasn't made a truly great game since the 1990s.
AO1JMM  +   1256d ago
Really? It was wrong so how shocked are you now.
Jensen  +   1256d ago
as shocked as rage being good.
Malice-Flare  +   1257d ago
too bad if true...
Rage wasn't a bad game, but somehow high expectations got to it. hope they still continue with Doom 4, next gen needs a Doom game...
egidem  +   1257d ago
Oh well that sucks.
Maybe it's time I revisited Mars in Doom 3 perhaps...I haven't played the game in ages!

Hopefully I can find more about the improved texture packs as well...This will be an interesting trip down memory lane. :D
news4geeks  +   1257d ago
I think next gen could do without a generic corridor shooter. I'm only really a fan of id's older games.
killerhog  +   1257d ago
No doom 4 for you!!! I'm the doom nazi guy
Heishiro__Mitsurugi  +   1257d ago
if Doom 4 was going to be smoke n' mirrors and unsatisfying like Rage, its best. wake up Carmack!
Big_Dom  +   1257d ago
Why does Carmack need to wake up. He made an incredible engine for artists to express themselves with and it works brilliantly. The man has done his job and done it well. I wonder, if and when Doom 4 gets eventually shown with Tech 6 that will basically blow people's balls off from a visual stance will people be saying "wake up, Carmack". I doubt it.
kamakaz3md  +   1257d ago
boy idk bout anyone else, but I thought RAGE sucked!
ginsunuva  +   1257d ago
Everyone overhyped rage, especially gt and ign.
I said from the start it would be slightly above average, and the graphics weren't THAT amazing.

But everyone was like "No it's teh id softwaerz. They made teh doooomz."
mrsatan  +   1257d ago
Problem was, Rage wasn't a really great game only a good one and that isn't going to cut it in today's market. The stupid thing about it, is that the game could have easily have been fixed by allowing the player to roam as they please and cut out a lot of the backtracking. The way they decided to implement their questing system is terrible. You should NEVER have to initiate the quest beforehand in a semi-open world RPG unless it's strictly tied to story progression. Not allowing the player to explore at will killed any sense of uniqueness the game had. Instead it became a tedious good FPS. I loved the combat, but mission design and story was terrible.
lsujester  +   1257d ago
That was my biggest complaint, that and how driving is pretty well only going back and forth to missions, with occasional races thrown in. The driving was fun, I'd love to have a large, open world to drive around in, along with the good combat.

Also, the release date was a little off for me. Summer would have been a buy for me, but once fall hits, I'm saving for the big hitters of winter. Sorry, but I'm not putting RAGE over Batman, Uncharted, or Battlefield.
boommuffin  +   1257d ago
if im not mistaken it sounds like your implying you havent bought RAGE yet your some how complaining about a game you havent played in full?
4logpc  +   1257d ago
How has the game performed poorly?? its been in the top ten for software sales, and its average score is around 82/100. id say thats pretty damn good...

Maybe next time Bethesda should reconsider releasing a new IP so close to known franchises... Gears 3, NBA, Dark Souls...
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Apocwhen  +   1257d ago
If games don't get a 90+ rating here on N4G they are considered a flop.
MysticStrummer  +   1257d ago
Damn too bad. The name Doom automatically makes me interested, even though I didn't like Doom 3 as much as most people did. It didn't hold my interest enough to get very far into it, even though I had a borrowed copy. Releasing Rage the same day as Dark Souls meant Rage was never on my radar.
pijinio212  +   1257d ago
hahahahahahahahahahaa saw it coming from miles away haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Revvin  +   1257d ago
The last few iD games have been not much more than tech demos to showcase the game engine in a commercial environment for their licensing partners. The engine got off to a bad start but since the patch it's much much better but iD wont be licensing this engine out beyond their publisher so they are left with a game that really didn't live up to the hype.
ATi_Elite  +   1257d ago
Rage was over hyped and it's only worth renting!

as far as the PC version.....Not worth a Steam $5.99 sale seeing how it's a blatant console port.

Like I said earlier sell the Doom I.P. to Epic and let Cliffy B. make the next Doom....it would be awesome. Gears 3 is better than Rage but feel free to be butthurt and rage disagree if you want!
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BlackKnight  +   1257d ago
Rage wasn't crazy impressive and was lacking, especially since it is iD, a PC dev, but to say its not worth 6 bucks for the PC version is just silly man.
perfectCarbonara  +   1257d ago
Well, maybe if they had told Carmack to go to work instead of wasting his and their time bashing the PS3 the game would have been better in the end. More people would have bought it.
BlackKnight  +   1257d ago
The guy never bashed, nor talked "too much". Consoles have pros and cons and he expressed the issues from a technical standpoint (which is all that matters when it comes to getting the most out of a system, the technical details), that's all.

If people actually knew how much developers work on games and all the issues and time they lose from their family and free time, people like you wouldn't say those things.
killerhog  +   1257d ago
Actually in the beginning, they were wasting time praising and puffing the ps3 version. Man these guys surely love wasting time.
LondonMediaOS  +   1257d ago
Rage isn't a bad game by any means, it just took some different turns during development; its seems like they couldn't make up their minds on what they wanted it to be (Remember when it was originally supposed to be a Racer with FPS elements, then to an open world shooter racer?) instead you can tell that some of their maps were last minute thoughts. When navigating the game you revisit a lot of older corridor maps and just have different objective. The world of Rage is a nice size but it always feels narrow (If you play you will understand.) A lot of the problem is they let the industry dictate the direction they were going for in this game. I look forward to Doom 4 if they are heading for something more linear or narrow then Doom 4 is the way to go; Doom provides a claustrophobic feel with a straight forward story that is crafted around a sinister environment I say Id go for it.
Pandamobile  +   1257d ago
Yeah, bullshit.
Bathyj  +   1257d ago
I call BS on this one. Doom is ID's Mario. They arent going to can a flagship franchise because a new IP has been less than spectacular.

Rage hasnt been doing that bad.

If ID were to cancel a Doom title, what else do they have? It would be the same as simply shutting their doors.

I havent played Rage, but it seem like it got a alot of easy 9's and 10's. Seems to be a lot of that going around lately.
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thrasherv3  +   1257d ago
First of all, it's not iD's decision to make. It's Zenimax, the parent company that owns iD.

And second, it's only "indefinitely postpone" not a straight out cancel. For all you know they could be focusing all their resources to fixing Rage and possibly adding more content to make it better. They do want to repair their image before thinking about the future so it only makes sense.

Finally, they could be re-evaluating their direction on the next Doom game. Maybe they feel that their gameplay would be to repetitive for the future gaming market. Maybe it's too ambitious like Rage. Who knows for sure. But I'm not doubting that this is fake...
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Bathyj  +   1257d ago
Well for someone who agrees with me you sure shot my arguement full of holes.
Bolts  +   1257d ago
Definitely put Doom 4 on hold. First, cut Carmack out of the loop. The guy is a has been, a relic, that lead iD on a five years technological goose chase that resulted in this hilariously bad Tech 5 engine. That's the problem with having a gaming legend leading your team. His fame and influence is so great that no one have the balls to point out his hubris.

You would think that some where in the develop cycle someone would wise up and point out that spending half a decade developing an OpenGl game is probably not a good idea. Yeah, lets throw all of our chips into a game that is I.O dependent, instead of one that embraces all the trappings of modern technology. Good idea!

Seriously, server ties with Carmack before he hatches a brilliant plan to make Doom 4 using the voxel engine.
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iNFAMOUZ1  +   1256d ago
How dare you talk about carmack like that
bunfighterii  +   1257d ago
Rage on PS3 sucks. I haven't played it on other platforms but it's got so many issues and was so overblown by gaming media that the end result was a flat out fail.
Bolts  +   1257d ago
PC issues: The PC is not the leading platform, lulz!

PS3 issues: Your I.O suxor, and The Cellz is hard!

360 comes on 3 disks: You no have Bluray? Disk swapping for you!

Hey, at least the iPhone version is pretty good amirite?
trancefreak  +   1257d ago
Well said for making me laugh.

I got the game on pc played about an hour and got stuck on a trying to open a door using the gear method. I couldn't open either due to a missing schematic or because I used it in another hide out an needed another. I got to lazy to figure it out.
joab777  +   1257d ago
I don't understand. Rage did so many things so very right. It was actually quite refreshing in many regards. It was gorgeous...on console it was stunning. The AI was quite unique and the animations were second to none. Yes, it wasn't fleshed out. It added RPG elements but didn't follow through on its supposed intended trajectory. I was somewhat disappointed but very hopefuls for future games. It was still a great experience and not ur typical 8 hour fps as every other game seems to be. My advice wouldn't b to stop making doom 4, but to flesh it out. And b sure to add a full competitive multiplayer element. They need to look at the best there is, make sure they include everything that makes those great and then use that imagination to developed something new and intriguing.while so many are stuck on today's template, there is ample opportunity right now for ppl w a great reputation and understanding of present and future tech, to take some risks and get something new going. I say don't fold...damn it...double down!
Raider69  +   1257d ago
Kotaku is looking for hits!This is probably the most BS article i saw this year.Doom 4 is coming out and its already in prodution.People that believe otherwise dont know what Doom name means in the game industry.
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Mr Tretton  +   1257d ago
They should have postponed Rage.
A7XEric  +   1257d ago
Disappointing launch? The game has sold incredibly well so far given that it's a new IP and the scores have generally been in the 80+ range. That's a success if I saw one.
bunfighterii  +   1257d ago
Yeah gamers were successfully duped into buying a bad game.
A7XEric  +   1257d ago
Metacritic and Gamerankings says otherwise.
bunfighterii  +   1256d ago
exactly the point. reviewers weren't telling the truth.
segamon  +   1257d ago
id needs a John Romero.
mokopa  +   1257d ago
John Romero I praise thee. Yu gave me my first fps on a win98 PC. Daikatana. Some may hate it, but it came before Unreal and doom3 and set the seed for my love of all fps game. Oh Michima I will get thee.
Orpheus  +   1257d ago
This is just a rumor ... but hope its true. Better late than crappy stuff.
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xX_Altair_Xx  +   1257d ago
They should just delay it until next gen. Also D4 could turn out to be a good game if Carmack shuts his mouth and gets on with developing.
Psychotica  +   1257d ago
They are surprised by this?? Id came out and told us they didn't put the same number of resources on the PC version and that's why it had issues. Of course that didn't stop them from charging the same price as the console version..
bub16  +   1257d ago
Doom is gonna flop, just like duke nuken
Rifkens  +   1257d ago
Disappointing is an understatement
NYC_Gamer  +   1257d ago
It's been years since anything good came from ID
Sugreev2001  +   1257d ago
Too bad.Unlike Rage,people know what to expect from a Doom title.
Droid Control  +   1257d ago
Like Rage, it looks and plays nice, but fails to bring anything new to the table.

Is this a valid reason to halt production on DOOM 4?


One should not effect the other. Abart from them both being FPS, they are completely different IP's.

Maybe rethink a few things if needbe, but don't stop work!

On another note, I wonder how Rage's lackluster reviews and disappointing sales have effected Quake 5 - if at all...
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