VGP Review: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Video Game Playerz gives Kane and Lynch: Dead Men a 7/10. The game has a good story but lacking in the game play.

VGP: "Overall the story is interesting, the acting is good, the music is great and the game control is not so good. There are more "F" bombs then I can count. It's not a very high-quality shooter, but from a story point, the whole gang of thieves, performing heists and high speed get-a-ways makes the game more fun. If you like run and gun games, I think you'd like Kane and Lynch: Dead Men."

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Komrad4015d ago

having a juvenile crocodile as your controller. you're going to wrestle with it for a while. unfortunate as i consider myself a rather tolerant gamer. i really wanted this game to be spectaular, but with the controls flawed and incredibly high gun kick backs, it was a real chore to play. this game gives another reason to think for yourself and less on paid reviewers, commercials and fancy web ads along with other hype tools. and with all that buzz of "...closest thing to a mann movie.." perhaps they should watch them again or tell me what game they were playing, because this aint it.