Transformers Universe interview - GotGame

GotGame writes: "If you love anything Transformers, you’ll love this. If not, continue anyway and prepare to be amazed! Not much has been revealed yet about Transformers Universe, an upcoming MMO, but we’ve got you covered! We’ve spoken with Steven Huckle, Art Director at JAGEX Games Studio, and learned some pretty interesting things. From gameplay characteristics and accessibility, to character customization features, environments and more. Want to know which characters will be in the game or if we’ll encounter any humans? Continue reading to find out…"

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DistrictMime2344d ago

If Shia lebouf is in this game....I'm not playing it.

aPerson2343d ago

Why would he be in it? It's not based on the movies.

DistrictMime2340d ago

you never know never know.

lastdual2343d ago

This MMO is going to have a tough time, simply because Transformers appeals mainly to guys.

Most of the big MMOs tend to attract both male and female players, and I just don't see many of the ladies considering their Transformers "cute", the way most of the girl gamers I know think of their WOW characters.