Consumer Reports Gets It Right - Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are Equal

In what is no stunner to anyone at Audioholics, Consumer Reports reviewed nine high definition optical disc players and guess what they concluded?

There are no significant performance differences.

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Evil0Angel4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

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can someone remind me about spiderman n BR ? i belive the trigoly did not have 7.1 either

titntin4043d ago

Notable how sound doesn't even get a metion in this article - yet is a essential component in recreating the home theatre experience.

n_n4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

didn't you know? it's "cool" to hate sony these days... the bandwagon can be found on every street corner. let's all hop on in, shall we?

AUDIO is what brings out the most in any film. it's audio that gives a film emotion.

anyway, this wouldn't be the case if paramount didn't jump ship. doesn't make any sense. so i boycott them.. anything paramount and dreamworks (on DVD) will be bought used. and i really wanted transformers in high def.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4043d ago

If your argument against HD-DVD is audio quality, then you're really reaching...

It has been said a million times (but not as much as your weak argument) -- The average consumer (A.K.A. Joe Sixpack, the non-audiophile) will NOT perceive a difference in sound quality between Bluray and HD-DVD. Don't forget, Joe Sixpack also listens to 96-128kbps MP3 files on his iPod through the standard ear-buds... so yeah, it is a weak argument.

n_n4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

lol, yup... my argument is much weaker than your strong username.. lmao... fanboy much?

oh, about your mp3 files?

there's a big difference talking about sound quality of film as to music. a film is made up of many many tracks consisting of score, sound effects and dialog and so each needs to be as clear as it can be.. whereas music is much more merciful because the music can compensate for anything information missing.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4043d ago

Fanboy?: Totally, but, can you honestly say that I'm wrong? Do you think that if they did a thorough, double-blind test of HD-DVD and Bluray audio, that any portion of the test base would be able to discern one from the other?

In all honesty, with FULL KNOWLEDGE of Bluray's capacity for uncompressed audio channels, I don't think such a test, as I described above, would yield anything more than a 50:50 split of those who preferred Sample-A versus Sample-B.

n_n4043d ago

i have no clue as to whether anyone can tell a difference. and i actually don't care. but there are those who do. logically, there must be a difference wouldn't there? there already is a noticeable difference when you encode audio, isn't there? try encoding at every bitrate and tell me there is no difference... there has to be... any information being taken away affects the original no matter what.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4043d ago

Well sure, that is just common sense, but my argument is against the notion that an average consumer will actually understand or care about the audio differences between the two.

Let's look at an analogy: There might be some kind of difference in the quality of clothing offered by very high-priced stores at the mall (thread count, stitching, whatever). I cannot tell the difference between that and the clothes that I can buy at Kohls for a fraction of the cost. So, quality is not in question for me in this situation. Price is, however, and that is the ultimate deal breaker for me, so I shop at Kohls.

wallace10004043d ago

People say there is a difference because the piece of paper says there is. I would be very surprised if someone could consistently pick a Blu-Ray player for having better sound than an HD-DVD player of the same grade in a blind test. It is like me saying my LCD is better than yours because mine has a dynamic contrast ratio of 25,000:1 and yours only has 20,000:1. There are some specs that people just can't tell the difference between.

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PS3 Limps on and on4043d ago

But I have to think that prices of stand alone blu ray players are gonna be lowered pretty soon. If not, I have no clue how Blu ray plans on winning.

DarkSniper4043d ago

Due to the disc storage, blu-ray leads the way in audio decompression and video upconverting. HD-DVD never had a chance and Micro$oft's 360 is a prime example of why. HD-DVD is wasting money on what could be valuable resources.


OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4043d ago

You know, when an article shows that (video-wise) the two are THE SAME, and then you vomit out claims of Bluray video superiority, you just look like another N4G poster who doesn't know what they are talking about.

wallace10004043d ago

This article is about blu-Ray and HD-DVD, how did the 360 get pulled into this conversation????

godofthunder104043d ago

why in the hell do fanboys of br always bring up the 360 when they talk about hd dvd and br.once again MICROSOFT DON"T OWN HD DVD! so stop about the 360 because it doesn't have a damn thing to do with it.
when you and other people bring up the 360 when people talk about hd dvd and br just proove that you are just a ps3 fanboy
you talk about how hd dvd is loosing money,hell!i didn't know that sony was making money with br,oh! wait their not,they're loosing their asses off to.

xplosneer4043d ago

Smart people know this. But titntin does have a point, they didn't review sound.

But it's funny that they say DD is going to take over. No offense, but I don't see that happening for at least 10 years. AT LEAST. We just don't have the internet speed in the US.

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