Wii Photo Channel Drops MP3s

Nintendo is planning an optional update to its Wii Photo Channel this December which will, if downloaded, replace MP3-music playback compatibility with support of the AAC audio format. In addition, gamers will be able to personalize their Wii Menu by replacing the Photo Channel icon with a digital picture of their own.

Writes Nintendo on its official website: "Consumers with MP3 compatible Photo Channels will have the option of updating their Photo Channel to version 1.1, which replaces MP3 compatibility with the ability to play AAC files. AAC files provide a greater sound quality than an MP3 of the same size. This new compatibility will work with MP4 audio files in the .m4a format. Additionally, you can now choose to have the songs play back in a random order."

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Kholinar3989d ago

Common guys, a quick search for mp3 brings this up:

It's an interesting story, but they're both quoting the same press release...

bootsielon3989d ago

retardation. Who the hell dumps MP3 today?

Darkiewonder3989d ago

While they are dropping mp3 support over AAC it's only for the Photo Channel and optional for those that already have the system now.

They aren't dropping mp3 support for gamess though [well the ones that uses it]


They CAN afford two format. they just want more money.