A parents' guide to shopping for video game consoles

Someday Mario and Master Chief might replace Santa Claus as spokespeople for the holidays.

Mario and Master Chief are the main characters of two of this season's hottest video games, and unlike jolly ol' St. Nick, all kids believe in Nintendo and Xbox.

As always at this time of year, video games - specifically, the latest video game systems - are on the top of many wish lists. But what kid has the cash to drop on a new piece of hardware that can cost upwards of $500? It's up to the parents to pony up the coin.

"X-Box 360 rocks 'cause the first-person online experience of 'Halo 3' is seamlessly integrated with the wireless technology."

Um. What? ...

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Since when is one PARENT called PARENTS? It should be "parent's. English course for you buddy lol