Assassin's Creed: 8.3 For PS3, 7.5 For Xbox 360 From WorthPlaying

WorthPlaying writes:
"Rabid anticipation for Assassin's Creed dates back to the developer's pencil-shaded storyboards. Whenever the hoopla over a mere, mortal video game begins so early, almost invariably well-kept secrets - prettier, faster, fancier, gee-whiz titles - surface during the development process and steal all the wunderkind's thunder. Of course it's not fair, but it's life in the mercurial games industry: Major publishers' good titles, otherwise destined for greatness, even genre-defining status, are subsumed by a couple of blam! graphics, multiplayer juggernaut games that drop out of the sky late in the day, robbing the longtime darling of her charm. Unfortunately, often as not, publishers and developers follow the gaming public's lead, wrapping up things faster than they'd have liked, refocusing development efforts in new directions; no one wants to be deemed last year's news the very day their baby hits store shelves. Certainly both of these quirks of the industry to some degree befell the once-hallowed Assassin's Creed."

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Myth4038d ago

why the 360 scored lower? I can't go that site.

MK_Red4038d ago

Well, the thing is that 2 reviews are actually completely different and don't compare the 2 versions.
The thing that I like about it is that there are 2 completely different articles for each version and probably written by different people.

It think others like GameSpot and IGN should do this and let different people review different versions instead of 1 person reviewing PS3, 360, PC and other versions of a game. They do it about handheld PSP/DS and console versions but I think they should write a seperate review for each versions (PS3, 360...) instead of writing a general review for all and then pointing at differences in some spots.
They should use a PS3 writer to write about the PS3 version and a 360 guy to do it for 360 and then later, they should write VS articles and explain the differences in that article instead of the same article for all versions that they6 currently use.

I specially liked GameDaily's different reviews for 360 and PC versions of Jericho.

Bladestar4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

They don't say... they review the Xbox 360 version November 14 and the PS3 version the November 21.

The person that reviewed the xbox 360 version was a guy named "Atom"...

The person that reviewed the PS3 version was a guy named "Sanford"...

The title of this article is made to start a flamewar..

paul_war4038d ago

But Bladestar, flamewars are your speciality

TheXgamerLive4038d ago

I just went and took you off my ignore list and then you go and headline a flamer like this.

This isn't an equal article/review as 2 different persons reviewed it, still as what we've seen from actual video the Xbox 360 version is better, smoother, mopre smaller details and better colors, etc...

MK_Red4038d ago

I'm not saying the PS3 versions is better or the other way. The title just points out the scores that are give by 2 different people, meaning that reviews are just opinion and the 360 reviewer didn't like the game as much as the PS3 reviewer.
And if you read them both, they don't say that 360 version is weaker or something.

With this, maybe people could see that reviews are indeed opinions and it would be better if different people are allowed to review the same game so we can have more opinions.
GameSpot and IGN have lots of money and staff yet write a single review for the game and point slight differences in the end of article in a flamy way while they could use different people to review each version:
The PS3 reviewer should compare Assassins with Uncharted and PS3 games while 360 reviewer should compare it to Crackdown and 360 games.
The later, they could post a seperate article to only compare the 2 versions.

The reviews are no longer professional. They have become insanely personal so let it be. At least use more than 1 and different people to review different versions.

Snukadaman4038d ago

On topic, where were these sort of reviews for madden 08...for skate??

Polluted4038d ago

I agree with Red about changing the review system, but to be fair, there was no reason to mention the X360 score in the title of the article. On the one hand he's saying we need to review titles for each system based on their own merits and not waste time fanning the flamewars. On the other hand the title of the article is kind of saying "Hey look, PS3 got a better score than the X360. Take that Xbots". Which really isn't the point.

Vader4038d ago

I just found out about this site about two weeks ago and they have alot of info but if you look, it seem that they trash the 360 and love the ps3. Look at the stuff they have on here, it's crazy. I have a ps3 and 360, people don't like that game but it still sales, they where having problems with the ps3 one but why is that not posted on here. Every thing I see about the ps3 is good, xbox360 bad.

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solar4038d ago

oh baby jesus here we go again! ::ducks behind my wii::

monkey6024038d ago

the baby jesus comment made me laugh. + bubble for you

BlinkGT4038d ago

ROFL §§§ An other site to ban...

Bladestar4038d ago

Everyone knows the game is a good in both consoles... it's the same game in both consoles.. with the same issues and same problems... using this article to prove that the PS3 has the better version is stupid... since both reviews were made a week apart... and by not the same person.

Besides who the [email protected][email protected](#&@#$ is WorthPlaying?

They don't even have a review for COD4 on the xbox 360?

I would take this review more seriously if they at least would review the game side by side and explain why they gave the PS3 version a higher score...

actas1234038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

you know gamespot or xboxspot gave 9/10 for the game on both consoles----> PS3 version is much better.

HeavyweightInTheGame4038d ago

I thought both versions were the same?!?!

Kaneda4038d ago

Other games...when 360 is better than PS3 version... People were bashing PS3...

Now this site gave PS3 version better score... People asked "WHY?"... How is it possible?

SlippyMadFrog4038d ago

Did you guys read the article? THe review is for the PS3 version ONLY. The Xbox360 version was reviewed by someone else at a different time. I suggest you view the comparison video of the two version before going to conclusions.

Vip3r4038d ago

Why are you getting so upset that the PS3 got a better score than the 360? You never complain when it's the 360 getting a better score than the PS3. Hmm...

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Ashta4038d ago

Two different reviewers.

The Xbox reviewer was Atom
The PS3 reviewer was Sanford May

Two different reviewers, two different opinions. Hell, not one of them speaks about anything technically between the two systems. The reason why Atom scored it lower? He didn't like it as much as Sanford. He felt it was too repetitive and not the hyped blockbuster he was expecting.

Simple as that. It's just two different opinions and neither of them bash the other console in either review.

MK_Red4038d ago

I really hope other sites do the same and put different people for different versions.
It's really much better two read two different opinions instead of having same person writing the review for all versions of PS3, 360 and such and then point the differences and bash one system in the end of article (The way that IGN and GameSpot do...).

paul_war4038d ago

MK, I agree with you, in principle. But in reality, if they do this then it will be open season for 'flamewars'. As like it or not people will still take the different reviews as FACT that one version of a game is better then another. When the same reviewer might have given them both equal scores.

MK_Red4038d ago

I know what you mean but there has been a lot of talk about scores and the fact that they could go away. By removing the scores and just having 2 different people reviewing PS3 and 360 versions, we can have the PS3 guy talking only about PS3 version Assassins and comparing it only to PS3 games like Uncharted. The 360 one could do the same with 360 AC and compare it to Crackdown and games on 360.

All I'm saying is that the current method of IGN and GameSpot is THE flame bait that uses the same person and text for the review but give different scores.
I believe that the PS3 version of Assassins and any other multi title should be reviewed on its own merits and solely as a PS3 title and the same should be done about 360 one.

And for comparisons, a different article with image and video proof should be used instead of the same guy for PS3 and 360 version talking flame bait in the end of review and saying PS3 has better framerate but 360 has better lighting or vice-versa and with personal reviews (IGN saying 360 has better frame, GameSpot saying PS3 has better frame), by using different people for different versions, at least we could have more opinions and less flamish comparisons.