Internet Uproar Over Arkham City Language

Pixels or Death's Mike "Scrimshaw" Potts takes a look at the implications that Batman Arkham City may be sexist, then thoroughly shuts them down.

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Pozzle2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Wait...people are upset over this? I mean, I could understand the upset if Batman was the one calling women "bitch" and generally being a dick towards female characters.

But he isn't.

It's the BAD GUYS who say it. Of course they aren't going to care if they hurt somebody's feelings or not. They're BAD GUYS! Do people really think Two-Face (especially the "bad" personality) is going to stop in the middle of tormenting Catwoman and think, "Hmmm...I won't call Catwoman a 'bitch'. That might be considered sexist and might offend her." Of course not! Calling her a "bitch" only emphasizes the fact that he's a baddie.

Fishy Fingers2405d ago

I don't think 'people' are actually even bothered let alone in "uproar", its just, as usual, the 'Internet' blowing something out of proportion. Uproar, lol...

raWfodog2405d ago

Anyone who is in an 'uproar' over this most likely does not watch prime time TV where the word 'bitch' is used in great frequency.

moeqawama2404d ago

Bitch is probably the cleanest word used in some prime time shows lol

KingPin2405d ago

people are soooooo sensitive nowadays its just sad.

in any given game, someone will find something to bitch about.

people like this should just go back to 8 bit games like mario bros and balloon fight. where you play a game with just background music.

The Meerkat2405d ago

Too many 'Kerpows' and 'Bams'

Treyb3yond2405d ago

We should route out all these political correctness goons and put them on display for the public to throw rotten fruit at.

mafiahajeri2405d ago

I hate when someone thinks he speaks for everyone. Uproar? Whos this guy kidding?

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The story is too old to be commented.