EA 'Wouldn't Rule Out' Developing its Own Rock Band Game

Gamedaily writes:

"With Rock Band having recently shipped, the battle of the bands is now well underway. Activision's Guitar Hero III already sold 1.4 million copies during October, and November will mark the first month with both music games on the market – the November NPD data should be interesting.

As happy as Electronic Arts is to be distributing the game for MTV Games and developer Harmonix, however, its three-year deal allows for a much lower share of profit on each unit of Rock Band sold than if EA were to actually publish the game on its own."

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Shankle4046d ago

Go ahead EA, it's just a rhythm game, so it should be easy. Let's see what you can do.

ruibing4045d ago

As long as they don't use the same songs and allow me to use my Rock Band and GHIII guitars, I'm game.