Legendary: The Box - Exclusive Trailer

Some boxes should never be opened...

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Douchebaggery4016d ago

What a ridiculous name for a game.

Spike474016d ago

talk about fricken apocalypse.

Jinxstar4015d ago

My Girlfriend has a legendary box =P

no seriously though this looks to have potential.

lawman11084015d ago to collect your prize


Hell no... More a FPS... I was really hoping this game to have another approach, maybe something more like the old PS One survival horrors/action or whatever.

I'm getting sick on the flood of FPS, I will not be surprised if FF XII Versus is some online multiplayer FPS...

I don't know if this is thanks to X360. Many people believe that those Xbox owners was just american players which, even if it's not the real case, are believed to be all about FPS and weapons and violence - you get the stereotype - not criticizing, I had a original Xbox myself, but after the 360 take on market, I don't know if publishers are persuing games that appeal to this bilieved old Xbox owners, and the devs fever with the 360 that is easy to programm, all we have is tons of FPS now, there is some even on the Wii...

Jericho, The Darkness and now L:TB, all of then, if in another time, would be classical survival horrors, but all of then come as FPS Horror... Not saying this is something new, FPS and Horror genre always walked together, even Walfstein was somewhat frightening, we have one of the best PC FPS as a Horror game also, FEAR...

Still, on the consoles, I didn't see that much FPS back on PS2, for sure it have many FPS, but not in that percentual. maybe it's just that consoles (at least X360 and PS3) are now more PC-like, now any kind of game you can think, they can make it a FPS, and that would be a niche coming, but still I don't like it.

Just waiting to a Mario played in first person camera

Erock4134015d ago

he opened the box!

doesn't he know that some boxes should NEVER be opened??

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