Forza 4′s A.I. Found Considerably lacking Compared to Forza 3 and GT5

GB : Check out this AI comparison between Gran Turismo 5 and Forza 4. You wouldn’t believe it but Forza 3 actually seems to have better A.I. than Forza 4. Turn 10 needs some explaining to do because this video is just hilarious.

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Karooo2410d ago

How did Turn 10 manage to downgrade the A.I from Forza 3? Wtf.

Dante1122410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Wonder what happened? The reviews said F4 had the best AI in any racer they've ever played, even said Forza 4 was the king. O.O

The Meerkat2410d ago

In Forza 4 the A.I can make mistakes.
I.e. run wide, early brake etc.

You park on a corner you EXPECT cars to hit you!

That's MORE realistic not less.

gypsygib2410d ago

Reviewers lie all the time, for example Joystiq gave Child of Eden and that ridiculous puppet shooter 100% scores.

Reviewers are very pressured by some to give better scores than what games deserve.

Biggest2410d ago

The Meerkat apparently lives in a reality outside of actual reality. Go watch ANY race. The drivers avoid contact at all costs. Even when a wreck happens there are techniques used to have the highest possibility of avoidance. No real driver, which is what the AI is supposed to be emulating, would hit a highly visible PARKED vehicle. Not only are there no obstructions leading into and out of the turn (meaning they have full vision of what is coming), but there is also ample room to pass above or below the obstacle. They aren't taking that turn at 200mph, bro.

theonlylolking2410d ago

When I played the demo that was a big thing I notcied. The AI was retarded. I would brake and they would slam in the back of my car and cause me to spin.


EVILDEAD3602410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )


It's called difficulty settng and scalable AI.

Next up this vid of Black Ops on veteran shows that Modern Warfare 3's A.I. In normal is too easy.

Forza is easy to jump in but is made to cater to racers of all levels..hence the good reviews and feedback from the hardcore gamer racing community.

Nice try, but it's too late to hate. The game is amazing.


LOL..this video isn't talking about the AI when the game is in's showing the AI of vehicles when you turn your car around and stop you vehicle in the middle of the road?? And it's only showing one vid that looks the worst when random occurances happen everytime you do it.

Silly..but watch what this turns into in the comments section (already you got some saying 'reviewers lied LOL)


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Perjoss2410d ago Show
SantistaUSA2410d ago

@DK286K Bwahahahaha that video is awesome, got a good laugh out of it, bubbles to you my friend! :D

sdtarm2409d ago

where are those journalists that criticized GT5 so much for its "terrible" AI now?

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JokesOnYou2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

lmfao, Never mind the fact that different difficulties create different outcomes regarding the AI, but Are you guys seriously saying that 1 vid, under 1 circumstance, on 1 track is definitive proof that Forza4 has worst AI than GT5? lol, I've heard it all now. uhhmmm you guys do know their are plenty of GT5 vids about bad AI, right? Why are they showing spec 2.0? I've been reading comments by GT fans saying the AI is improved. Ahh, but yeah, everbody lied in GT5 reviews.

Fact is depending on the difficulty setting you will see alot of different things from the AI, they are more prone to wideturns, oversteering, and downright stupid mistakes at lower levels=

"The racer AI is noticeably better in Forza 4. Racers are appropriately agressive, but not perfect; one of my only gripes in Forza 3 was that AI cars made too few mistakes, and rarely strayed from racing lines. In Forza 4 you'll see cars spin out, go off the track, and do stupid things, and what's great is that none of it seems fake or generated." Reviewers loved the AI in Forza4 because its more life like. You can learn more about Forza4's great here:

4Sh0w2409d ago

Yeah its obvious GT fans are just pissed off because all the reviewers liked Forza4 more than GT5, especially because these two games are direct competitors in their respective genre's. Some people have a hard time dealing with reality, so they get desperate and will grab at straws to try and say everybody is wrong and they are right. You know thats what fanboys do best.

archmage2403d ago

Wow, it's amazing how many people playing Forza 4 don't understand that Forza is Mircosoft's answer to Gran Turismo which is a racing simulator not an arcade racer. We're not talking about NFS here people. The whole point of these simulators is for the player to drive as if they were in a real race. There are stiff penalities for running other drivers off the track, hitting other cars, going off the track, and other things which would be encouraged in an arcade racer. Professional drivers are not going to run into a car just sitting in plain sight; they are going to slow down and go around the car. Understand that simulators are trying to mimic real world racing with all that implies, so AI that can't recognize other cars on the track is not a good thing. And, btw, the difficulty setting for Forza 4 doesn't matter because I play on expert with all aids turned off and this still happens. When you get up to R1 level cars the AI cars will sometimes hit you from behind at the start of the race. Not cool. For me, because I do care about driving sims, this AI problem has ruined the game for me.

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Abriael2410d ago

The explanation is actually quite simple. And it's the same reason why the AI of Forza 3 was slightly better than that of GT5 in some areas.

More cars on track = Less space to dodge = more AI elements the engine needs to operate = Less CPU resources for each one = stupider AI.

GT5 has better AI now because they had a lot of time to iterate and optimize it.

ProjectVulcan2410d ago

Pretty much. Forza 4's car count has increased to try to compete with GT5's higher count, and that means less performance for each individual AI routine.

Less CPU time per car, more variables to calculate, dumber AI.

Abriael2410d ago

Lol at all the people disagreeing with a simple fact and logic :D

killerhog2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

It's still 16 racers though, more than forza 4. So what does that say??

Heartnet2409d ago

Cuz The Ai reaction time isnt based on the CPU speed lol its based on how well its coded etc and i mean everything,... down to how well they take corners etc...

If its coded bad then ofc its gonna suck lol

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gypsygib2410d ago

More power to graphics means less for AI

disturbing_flame2410d ago

I remember those reviews explaining why GT5 couldn't reach perferct scores because of its AI.

And now guess what ?

It looks that it's not a problem in F4.

evilunklebud2410d ago

But F4 is not a perfect game, as its meta of 91 reflects. I would agree with you if it was at 100 across the board.

disturbing_flame2410d ago

Of course it is not, some reviewers did their job.

evilunklebud2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

This isn't really a racing situation most people would find themselves in, now is it...? unless you're retarded, or incredibly bad at the game(s).

Show me race situation AI glitches and we'll talk.

MerkinMax2410d ago

I'm not going to discredit the video because it does prove something. But I am sorry, I care about the how the AI performs when I am actually competing and you know, actually racing.

TKCMuzzer2410d ago

Maybe not but it does clearly show that the AI won't avoid a car that would spin in the middle of the track. Of course in real life you could technically spin a car and stall it in the middle of the track, which would be pretty distressing if real racers performed like the AI above.

evilunklebud2410d ago

@TKCMuzzer But would the AI treat a "drone" the same way?

I need to see it to be convinced. We are all speculating at this point.

kneon2410d ago

Turn off all the driver aids in a high power car and most people will end up spinning out sooner rather than later.

I've ended up in a position similar to that in the video while playing, but of course I don't just sit there. I try to get turned around ASAP which just adds more difficulty for the AI.

evilunklebud2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )


I'm not sure a race spin would be harder for the AI or not. I mean, it must have some logic to how it would handle that situation, and just sitting facing oncoming traffic is not how it would expect a driver to react.

I'm not saying it would not happen, I just need to see it (hey, I'm a scientist, ok).

I am pretty much assist free in GT5 and F4, btw...

kneon2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )


Once you start trying to get your car back to facing the right way arouund you are you are adding more difficulty to the AI as the car is now moving and the game can't easily predict which way you will go. As long as you stay still it should be easy for the cars to avoid you.

But in real life just sitting there after a spin is not uncommon, usually drivers will wait until they can safely turn around as they aren't keen on ramming into other cars, unless their name is Lewis Hamilton :)

evilunklebud2409d ago

Until I see AI problems racing I'm still not convinced. Just as I was when a similar situations arose in GT5. I've not had issues with either AI.....

Heartnet2409d ago

Then again u wudnt find anybody in real life hit a highly visible parked car... you wouldnt find anyone in that situation now would you

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killerhog2409d ago

It's the same reason why turn 10 didn't deliver 90% of what they promised (weather, night/day transition, limited auto vista to 20 predetermine cars ONLY, etc.). The 360 reached its peak long ago and DVD cannot hold much, in order to increase they would of had to decrease on other things. Yet these reviewers are throwing 10s at forza 4 ( puffing much)?

But thank god forza does not have parallel parking 3:05-3:10. Also at times the AI in forza doesn't even try to maneuver around but just tried the ol' ram technique. I was very impressed by the gt5 AI imma pop that bad boy in and go a few hours racing till I gotta study.

ambientFLIER2409d ago

So weather and more autovista models is 90% of the game? So what is the other 10? Insignificant things like graphics, sound, and handling?

kaveti66162408d ago

The fact that Turn 10 never made those promises is reason enough to dismiss you completely.

humbleopinion2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

@Karoo: this just shows you how some idiots like GB don't understand the difference between a bug and a feature.
Notice how at time 0:50 in Forza 4 the first two cars pass smoothly, and only when the player hits the breaks the other cars smash into him? Ask yourself why did they have to hit the brakes to prove their point. It's simply because that's how the new "pressure system" on AI in the game works...

Forza 4 Has better AI, it is just more realistic. If you pressure the AI it can make mistakes, just like real drivers. This obviously depends on the AI difficulty, and doesn't happen when setting the AI difficulty to "professional" - which GB obviously didn't set. What we see here is simply a handicap given to beginner drivers to make life easier.

The funny thing is that Turn 10 already announced exactly how this will be quite some time ago:
"We no longer remove power from the AI to make them slower on the lower difficulty levels. Instead, we gave the lower level AI less confidence going into corners. This makes them brake sooner and carry less speed through the corners. However, once they are at the apex and heading onto the straights, they are flat-out regardless of difficulty level. This has led to far more wheel-to-wheel racing. The key to beating the lower level AI is to take advantage of them in the braking zones and then block/frustrate them down the straights. On the flip side, this does mean the AI on lower difficulty settings brakes very early – so, watch yourself when you’re waiting to pop out of the slipstream"

This is why reviewers acknoledged the better AI in Forza 4. For example:
"The racer AI is noticeably better in Forza 4. Racers are appropriately agressive, but not perfect; one of my only gripes in Forza 3 was that AI cars made too few mistakes, and rarely strayed from racing lines. In Forza 4 you'll see cars spin out, go off the track, and do stupid things, and what's great is that none of it seems fake or generated."

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LackTrue4K2409d ago

hmmmmm...that dose look bad but, what i was paying more attention to the lack of car on the track!!!

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Bathyj2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Forzas drivers might be dumb but at least the bumper fell off. Thats kinda cool right?

Relax guys, I kid because I care.

I swear to god this is true, I looked at the video and though WOW Forza looks better than I thought, only to realise it was GT.

I swear thats about the 3rd time thats happened to me with all these comparison videos.

kikizoo2409d ago

Not only AI, but physic and graphics/lights !! (even on that video you can see reality cars vs good game cars)

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SkyCrawler2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Who cares? Let's just pretend the A.I. is the best and move along. Noone will notice unlike that other game.

Edit: Guess I'm just used to the reddit community lol

Biggest2410d ago

At least 7 people need the /s tag. LOL!

MGRogue20172410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

GT5 wins in the AI department... whereas Forza 4 wins in the graphics department.

I've played both of 'em & I've noticed that Forza 4 has alot more detail on it's tracks & the car models look really detailed especially in the AutoVista mode.. Pure EyeCandy.

I also love how F4 lets you be able to look all around the car (interior & exterior) with the right analogue stick. Why did Polyphony make the car models look so good in GT5 when you can't even admire 'em like you can in FM4? doesn't make any sense.. lol

I'm sorry but Forza 4 looks to be the more polished game, regardless of it's AI.. which will most likely be fixed in a future patch if the community see this & complain about it.

tickticktick2410d ago

Forza 4 is just a better game.

Abriael2410d ago

The cars of Forza 4 don't even get near the premium models of GT5, sorry. The autovista cars are static models that really add nothing to the racing game itself (and the selection is minimal anyway, way to waste resources to put in that silly warthog instead of an actual relevant car).

Dlacy13g2410d ago

waste mean like dumping 800 craptastic cars in the game so GT5 could boast 1000 cars? I will gladly take the route Turn 10 took.

ambientFLIER2409d ago

Yes, because GT5 doesn't have any stupid and silly cars, right??? Funny how you say that Forza 4 cars don't get near the premium GT5 models, yet everyone else knows better...

C_Menz2410d ago

There is a mode just like that in GT5...

r2kcipher2410d ago

he would know that if he really played it like he said he did

IRetrouk2410d ago

go to options and change the right stick to look around the interior in gt5, how can you not know this?

sashimi2410d ago

I actually never knew that too ~_~ but then again i spent all my time racing and doing the license challenges.

IRetrouk2410d ago

i usually change options in my games before i play, otherwise i would have missed it too, peps just need to look though instead of spouting a load of crap.

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Cloudberry2410d ago

The drivers in one game certainly didn't love their own car.


SantistaUSA2410d ago

it was in drinking and driving mode lol :p

Godmars2902410d ago

Have to ask why the breaks were on for the car in Forza 4.

mendicant2410d ago


Exactly, I was asking the same thing.

Why in the GT clip, brake lights aren't on. In the Forza clip, they're on. I saw that and starting typing but you got to it first.


FighterJoe2409d ago

The brake lights arn't in the GT5 clip because GT5 has a handbrake that stays on and holds the car if you hold it down for a couple seconds, thats what he did.

Obviously in Forza he just decided to hold the brake to make sure the car stays put.

kneon2410d ago

Likely because he knew he would be hit and was trying to stay in the same position as long as possible rather then just get shoved out of the way like a couple of the cars were trying to do.

MrBeatdown2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

My guess would be to make it a more apples to apples comparison for the AI of individual passing cars, rather than a comparison of how the overall field reacts, since that's much harder to compare. It's much harder to say if it's AI fail, or accurate simulation of driver fail when dealing with major car pile-ups.

If in Forza, one car crashes and knocks the player car sideways, taking up even more room on the track, it's harder for the AI to avoid, and it's not as close of a comparison to GT5 anymore, since GT5's cars are passing one car, but the remaining Forza cars have to pass a cluster**** which could be more difficult for AI in either game.

By putting on the brakes, you keep, or are at least trying to keep the car from moving and getting knocked into a position making it less comparable to GT5.

As for why the brakes aren't on in GT5, I'd bet it's just a case of the guy recording GT5 first and only realizing there was a need to hold the break once the car was close to getting hit in Forza. It looked like the brake wasn't used until the car was headed right into him.

EDIT: kneon beat me to it. That's what I get for not refreshing before posting.