IGN - Where Is the Uncharted 3 Review?

IGN's final verdict on Nate and Sully's latest adventure is just around the corner.

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iamnsuperman2380d ago

If it is anything like there Gears 3 review then it is going to be a bad review. Usually IGN reviews are ok but for some reason ,to me, that one felt like it was written by a child.

Dante1122380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I think they're gonna dump on UC3 since most of the journalists there bought into that UC3 vs GeOW 3 bs.

@ Drake

Lol, word. Followed by the "OH! They gave GeOW 3 a 9. UC3 fails" *troll face* comments. I'm buying it regardless of what IGN gives it.

DrakesOnAPlane2380d ago

IGN died the day they gave GTA4 a 10/10. Ever since then, it has been pure IGNorance.

IGN will give Uncharted 3 an 8.9/10 guaranteed.

LOGICWINS2380d ago

^^It's not getting an 8.9. IGN only uses .5 intervals now.

Trophywhore2380d ago

IGN gave U2 a 9.5 just so all you anti ign guys know. Id expect at least a 9 from them this time around.

nix2380d ago

@drakesonaplane: yup.. it died for me too. nowadays i just don't take reviews that seriously. i played GTAIV and man.. it was soooo boring. i gave up the game after 33 hours. sad part is, it's the highest rated game at metacritic. almost everyone gave it 10/10.

OT: IGN always asks these stupid questions...

Marceles2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

IGN always has the weirdest scoring

"Graphics 10/10: best game we've ever seen
"Gameplay 10/10: best game we've ever played
"Presentation 10/10: controls and story are second to none"
"Overall: 7.5"

Marceles2380d ago

IGN always has the weirded scoring

"Graphics 10/10: best game we've ever seen
"Gameplay 10/10: best game we've ever played
"Presentation 10/10: controls and story are second to none"
"Overall: 7.5"

sticky doja2380d ago

To me GTA4 was a 10 until I started putting more and more hours into it. It might be the reviewer wasn't given enough time to do a complete playthrough.

I have been using IGN since before it was IGN for helpfull reviews and more. Anyone else remember

rumplstilts2380d ago


Was it ignorant when they gave Uncharted 2 Game of the Year?

I think you're the ignorant one.

Besides, when you have a publication with more than 1 reviewer, expecting consistency is folly.

Kingdom Come2380d ago

Gears of War 3 is a 10/10 Game. IGN should have ATLEAST have given it an 9.5, especially considering the fact that they gave the quite disappointing Resistance 3 9.0 also. After playing the bea, I would consider it wrong for Uncharted to score higher than Gears as Gears has both an incredible Singleplayer AND Perfect Multiplayer, Uncharted 3's multiplayer has always been a let down.

kingdavid2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

The thing I hate about IGN is their outlandish claims in their reviews:

"Is it possible to give MGS 4 an 11/10?"

"GTA 4's script is worthy of an oscar"

Not to mention most of their reviews feel written by an 11 year old.

I mean when IGN is one of the most popular gaming websites for reviews, i think its little wonder gaming sometimes isnt taken as seriously as movies and music.

Shackdaddy8362379d ago

They have a couple people who are really good at reviewing and a couple people who are horrible. It really all depends on which person a game gets for them.

DigitalRaptor2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Seriously man?

If Uncharted 3 was a single player game only, it would still receive accolades, because that's where its strengths lie. Uncharted 3 will have a sensational campaign, probably one of the best of all time. Gears 3 won't and can't touch it!

For what it is, Uncharted 3's multiplayer is comprehensively inclusive and great. It has that unique adventure/platforming gameplay and most of all, it's so damn fun! To say this is Naughty Dog's 2nd outing in multiplayer gameplay is bloody amazing! How many multiplayer games have Epic worked on now? 10-15?

Gears 3's multiplayer should be perfect, but it's clearly not, since nothing is. "Perfect" is not a word to use lightly when it comes to judging games!

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Drake1172380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

I bet IGN gives it a 9.5 or maybe even a 10 who knows, if u ppl actually payed attention you would see that ign loves uncharted like the rest of us. Idk what is with all the GTA 4 hate, that game was ridiculously amazing and i personally agree that it deserved a 10/10. Oh and to dude that said its guaranteed to get a 8.9, IGN only works in .5 increments now so that's impossible.

Kurt Russell2379d ago

I don't trust that guys guarantee - dodgy dealer if you ask me.

Virus2012380d ago

But if they give Uncharted a 10 you will be like "OMG i love Uncharted. That was a great review!"

I know that Uncharted 3 will have amazing review scores across all gaming sites. But I think people are going to say that they don't like a certain website because you think that Uncharted 3 will get a bad review.

The best thing anyone can do is just buy the game because its will be amazing no matter what.

PRHB HYBRiiD2380d ago

Gamespot and classic game room hd reviews are better imo.

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Joule2380d ago

Will it get a 10/10 like MGS4?

Undeadwolfy2380d ago

IMO MGS4 deserved that 10/10.

Who2380d ago


I love the Uncharted series, but it's not perfect [for me at least]. Great visuals, story-execution, and character developments are there but the gameplay for me - not so much. I agree that MGS4 holds up to it's 10/10 [even today]. I still play MGO regularly in fact.

Where Uncharted lacks [platforming, gunfights], MGS4 makes up for. And before everyone starts knockin', remember this is just my opinion.

Drake1172380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Thats funny u talk about mgs 4 gameplay when i honestly don't remember any of it lol. I remember that game being like atleast 50% cut-scene. Just my opinion lol i'm not the dude that likes to watch my games i like to play them.

andibandit2379d ago

Seriously MGS4 was a great game, but sometimes too much of something is just plain bad. Im specifically talking about the looong cutscenes.
Never wanted a fast forward function before that.

ghaleon19802379d ago

I'm about as big of an MGS fan as you can get but I don't get all of this blind love for MGS4's gameplay... Story wise it was a great game but the game play was definitely was one of it's weaker points if you look at it objectively. Disagree if you want, this is N4G afterall so anything that doesnt put MGS/UC/Sony on a pedestal gets disagrees.

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NukaCola2380d ago

Shut up IGN and give your frigging 10/10 already. Quit dangling that you are playing it now and teasing your review. We know where your hiding that 10/10, it's behind that hate you have that wants not to give it. GIVE IT MEOW!

LOGICWINS2380d ago

LOL, they'll probably give it a 9 just to make people like you angry.

NukaCola2380d ago

What is a person like me? This is the internet, no one knows who anyone really is.

Relientk772380d ago

I do want to see the IGN review, and other reviews. It doesnt really matter though I already pre-ordered Uncharted 3 so im getting it. I'm just curious what the review scores will be.

LarVanian2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

You know if I was the IGN reviewer, I would be extremely tempted to post a 7.5/10 score just to see the reaction lol......but then of course I would retract it and put up the correct score (which I'm guessing will be a 9.5).