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Submitted by Shawtymann 1500d ago | video

Forza 4 vs. Gran Turismo 5

Eurogamer: "Same car, same tracks. How do the games compare?" (Forza Motorsport 4, Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

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disturbing_flame   1500d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(14)
SoapShoes  +   1500d ago
No more of this crap! We've had so much of it and the baseless claims... Why does the media seemingly want to paint GT5 in a bad picture? It's a great game, get over it!
callahan09  +   1500d ago
Well this video shows Forza 4 in the bad picture, not GT5. For one thing, when the scene fades from GT5 to Forza 4, I found it literally jarring how much of a drop-off there was in graphics (both the course detail and the car quality), but also the AI in Forza 4 was completely unable to handle the situation realistically in all 3 tests while GT5 passed with flying colors all 3 times.
Drekken  +   1500d ago
But you know... Forza4 is scored higher by these hack reviewers.

People can laugh off any criticisms as conspiracy theories, but these losers love the 360. Not quite sure why, but all games get a pass.

I would almost put money that Uncharted3 will catch all kinds of crap for stuff that was overlooked in the ridiculously glowing reviews of Gears.

Forza is the medias choice for racers, but I've seen the game in action and its crap compared to Gt5.

I'm a grown ass man, I don't need to live my life worrying about what hack reviews mark games as, but anyone saying that it is all in N4G users heads is just being a prick. Its obvious the 360 is the medias darling while the Ps3 can't do enough right to warrant a slew of perfect scores... There might be a few games here and there that get glowing reviews, but that is because they are so good it can't be denied.

Articles like this just make everything so clear. Why is Forza4 scored higher than Gt5? Are these guys serious? Can we take anything they do serious? I've spent way too much time typing this crap... I just don't care anymore about reviews. The ones I listen to and run out and buy the games because of good reviews are usually the games I regret buying. The games that I buy because I know I will like them are usually the keepers.

TL;DR - Reviewers are all full of **it. This video proves it.
trancefreak  +   1500d ago
well said dudes i was telling my wife the same thing last night about the American media market bias towards sony ps3. I click on gamestop looking for BF3 PC and 90% of the games on the front page say 360 on them.

Even when I searched BF3 PC the search engine loaded up the 360 version.

I scrolled over to found BF3 for $49.99 disc version instead of paying gamestops price of $59.99 for a pc game screw that.
iamgoatman  +   1500d ago

"I'm a grown ass man"

Yet here you are claiming the media and reviewers as a whole have some sort of bias towards a particular electronics device and not another. Looks like you need to grow up a bit more.

Seriously, all these conspiracy theories about how MS either pays off reviews, or that they just hate Sony for whatever reason have got to stop. It's been shown time and time again to be complete and utter bollocks, but the same bunch of idiots continue to believe everyone is solely there to paint a particular company and it's device in a bad light. Give it a rest already, it's pathetic.

I'm getting sick of people claiming the only reason Forza scores higher is because of "teh bias!" and that somehow GT5 was perfect and devoid of any criticism and was only marked down because of said bias. It wasn't, as a fan of Gran Turismo since GT1 and probably pumping more hours into the series as a whole than the majority of the "fans" on this site that feel the need to defend it at all costs, I can easily say the game was far from perfect and definitely the low point in the series. How anyone can say it was up to the standards set by GT2 and GT4 is beyond me, and that's why it was marked down. When you build such a huge reputation around your game, you have to uphold that reputation and not release half a game, which is what GT5 is, half a game. Sure it's gotten a lot better since release, but it's still not there. Heres hoping GT6 will be the game GT5 was supposed to be.

Also, anyone who feels the need to downplay another series just because of some twisted sense of loyalty should be ashamed to call themselves a racing fan, because you're just a bunch of tools, nothing more.
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Kleptic  +   1500d ago
^^you say your a fan of GT more so than a lot of others on this site...which very well may be...but i'm confused as to the titles you mentioned as the pinnacle of GT as a series...

GT2 was always a was rushed, had absolutely downright terrible translations (ride height in CM?)...and the infamous 'lose your garage' glitch that would eat every car you had purchased...

GT3, to me...was the best...but I say that based on when it came did exactly what it needed to...showed what the PS2 was capable of...and PD at the time had the balls to limit car numbers, not go for what looks best on paper, and absolutely polish the living hell out of the game...that game looked flawless for 2001 in every possible situation...

GT4...needed to be more than it was...while I get that the PS2 had a pathetic online system...GT4 still needed to get that out the door for the franchise, and other PS2 titles had done it perfectly fine (Twisted Metal Black and Socom for example) was polished, had tons of content, etc...but by 2005, it really needed to do more than it did...and I think it was reviewed pretty fairly compared to Forza 1...

I'm only saying this in regards to people claiming to be true fans of the series...who then say GT5 is the worst GT game so far...when it released, I quickly started worrying that it was the worst...but with immediate patches fixing at least the buggier parts I disliked, it easily turned into one of the best...the online is great, the community features built directly into the game (car lounges, custom races, gift sharing, etc.) are perfect for the title...

the missteps were in content execution...not in screwing up the core strengths of the franchise...many models were lifted from past well as some tracks...that is literally the only negatives of the game imo...

I don't go with the conspiracy side of things...but this generation has been so full of PS3 exclusives being put up against standards that titles from other systems simply don't...and no one can argue against that...GT5 was trashed because of what we were told was terrible AI...yet, a newer title on a different system has video footage constantly put up showing downright awful AI...and its not even mentioned in reviews...GT5 was hammered for having 'poor damage modeling'...yet there are thousands of videos of Forza 3 'car hits wall at 150mph and a bumper comes loose' videos...of which that title was hailed as the king?...

no consistancy in the gaming media...thats not a conspiracy...thats just reality, and has really come to light this generation...GT5 wasn't perfect, and its reviews were probably pretty fair...but Forza 4 is NO WHERE NEAR superior to GT5 to the degree that the media is desperately trying to make...
Drekken  +   1500d ago
You guys are bashing me because you think I care about scores? Scores are just the end result of nitpicking... PS3 game nitpicked for being too much like its predecessor - Gears 3 10/10!! Too linear? - points on PS3 - Gears 3 10/10!!. And so forth... reviewers just need to be fair and judge all games on the same scale. It just amazes me about how they set standards right before a Ps3 exclusive is due out that weren't there the month before... then they forget about the same thing they marked the Ps3 game for for once the next 360 game comes out or even multiplatform blockbuster.

We all know Sony doesn't go nuts with their advertisements and gift baskets and such. I think that is the cause of it all.

Look at Resistance 3 - The game was great. It was better than 2 in every way except the 8man coop missing. It scored worse than the 2nd game. Explain it... I've played them all. I know quality when I see it and R3 was nothing but quality. Lets mark it down because the first weeks after release the online wasn't perfect... well, neither was Gears3. 10/10. gg.

And cut it out with the F'in hate mail and calling me names.
Anon1974  +   1500d ago
It really has nothing to do about scores and everything to do with inconsistencies. A score is a score. I don't care if you score lower than someone else, as long as your reasons are consistent.

Gran Turismo was dragged through the mud and ultimately we hard moaning and saw lower scores because people didn't like the menu system - or they didn't play it long enough to unlock the crash mechanics. Didn't like the menu layout? Wtf?

And now we're seeing reviewers throwing roses at the feet of Forza 4 after they picked apart every little detail of GT5 to justify their lower scores. I've read a number of reviews for Forza 4 and I haven't seen one yet that goes into the kind of nitpicking detail that the same sites subjected GT too. That's what bothers me. It's the different reviewing standards that the normal reader probably won't notice, but to those of us paying attention over the years stands out like a sore thumb. I'm looking at you Edge and Destructiod.
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Drekken   1500d ago | Trolling | show
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JokesOnYou  +   1500d ago
Did he just say what I think he said?....
lol, I can't believe any gamer could actually be so brainwashed to make these two statements within the SAME THREAD, much less the SAME POST.=

"Ps3 wins GotY more often because it has better games. If you owned one you would know."

"There is a bias... there are double standards. Years of reading them and watching them have drawn me to this conclusion."

Drekken seriously put down the koolaid.
Drake117  +   1500d ago
Bahahaha what a load of hoarse Sh*t. Apparently when american media companies like IGN give great games like MGS 4 a 10/10 or UC2 a GOTY year award they aren't bias or being paid of by anyone, but the second they give a mediocre score to mediocre games like GT5, KZ3, Resistance 3 they are biased fanboys being paid off by Microsoft. Gotta love it.
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Rattlehead20  +   1499d ago

I know! He is supposed to a 'Grown ass man' and he's acting like a spoilt kid. Pathetic.
DragonKnight  +   1499d ago
What a surprise, the media is comparing a new game to an "old" game. And what a surprise again it's Forza vs. Gran Turismo.

Looks like there are so many who want Gran Turismo to go down in flames really hard, no one is allowed to put down Forza. Watch all the comments that says anything negative about Forza be marked for trolling or immature or something like that.

Gaming journalism sucks all around, but this B.S. of Forza vs. GT is not something I look forward to seeing for the next month or 3, and you know it'll just be all over the place now. *sigh*
SoapShoes  +   1500d ago
Yeah I watched it and GT5 did look better but all I hear lately is just crap... Guess I was expecting more crap, especially from Eurogamer.
IRetrouk  +   1500d ago
you know both games are fantastic but both has flaws, cant we just agree that both are amazing achievments and the best on there respective consoles? they are so close to each other its unbelievable, play both, its well worth it.
C_Menz  +   1500d ago
The problem is that most websites/reviewers seem to have a need to bash GT5 and claim Forza the better game by a large margin. Personally I could care less since I love GT5 and from my experiences playing Forza at my friends house it is a good game as well.
IRetrouk  +   1500d ago
dont get me wrong, i know most of the reviews of gt 5 were full of crap, i actually said as much in another aticle, forza definatly got a free ride compared to gt, ive been playing forza for the last week, its really good, same as gt, played it for almost a year, its really good.
my point in the other aticle was that forza has the same kinda probs as gt but got a free pass, i really really like both, but can also see flaws in both, funny thing is that most of the flaws are the same.

@ A7XEric

both of these links are from peps posting above, did you even look?
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FordGTGuy  +   1500d ago
When 80% of your games cars are a direct port from a game that was on a previous generation console it should be given a hard hit on reviews.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1500d ago
What about when over 20% of your cars have visuals that are unmatched?

What about when over 80% 410 out of 500 cars are from Forza 3, and only 5 new tracks?

Or when the Biggest racing genres with the most powerful cars dont get featured in your game? Like Indy, Nascar, Rally?

Or when 80% of racing conditions are missing from your game? Wet, Snow, Dirt, Night?

and please do remember that 100% of GT5's cars have physics second to none, so isn't this a case of gameplay>graphics like they always claim for games on certain console?
iamgoatman  +   1500d ago

"and please do remember that 100% of GT5's cars have physics second to none"

THIS is where the GT fanboys on this site loose all credibility when talking about physics in racing games. Second to none? Go play iRacing, or LFS or even rFactor and then make such bold claims.

Also Forza has several stock cars available minus the sponsers, it's just missing dedicated events.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1500d ago
I don't like calling people names, so I'll restrain myself in my reply to you.

first all you, you come to a GT5 vs Forza4 article, both consoles games, to talk about pc games as way to discredit GT5. What you did is similar to a who happen to hear a few people discussing "production cars" and you come in with nonsense about F1 and Nascars, and so on. So I guess knowin that IRacing might have better physics then GT5 makes Forza look better?

and to your second point, I'll just facepalm. How about this, I'll go make a new track in GT5 to race my "not so great looking" cars and the Best lookings cars on, and you go put some decals on those cars you mention, I heard a rumor that the car wont run as fast unless it has decals.

It's funny how whenever someone mentions the ps3 graphics, guys are quick to point out that the PC edges it out, but everyone conveniently forgets the PC when it comes to installs on the PS3. So in the name of peace, next time you come into a discussion board, and want to point out something, just make sure you understand the essence of the discussion at hand, so you don't end up calling people names, foolishly. Because in the real world, that someone can take offense to it and lay you out.
iamgoatman  +   1499d ago

I wasn't discrediting GT5 to make Forza look better, I was merely pointing out that you claim of GT5 having physics "second to none" was wrong, and using the term "second to none" pretty much encompasses every game regardless of platform, be it PC or console. You can't start back paddling now claiming I went off discussion by mention PC sims just because it suits your initial claim. You should have been more specific.

Your second point makes little to no sense. I never once mentioned GT5's graphics so I'm not sure where you're quoting "not so good looking" from, my point had nothing to do with graphics and your last jab about liveries making cars run faster shows it went right over your head. You said Forza didn't have NASCAR, but my point was that Forza actually has several STOCK cars, as in STOCK CAR RACING not stock production cars, it just lacks dedicated NASCAR events and lacks official NASCAR liveries, understand?

"but everyone conveniently forgets the PC when it comes to installs on the PS3"

Thats because they're completely different, on PC you have to install the full game initially but after that the game is run directly from the HDD, whereas PS3 installs are mandatory but only install a portion of the game to the HDD due to the Blu-ray drive being too slow to stream data, so you still require the disc and you're not gaining anything from it, but having to overcome hardware limitations.

"just make sure you understand the essence of the discussion at hand,"

I understood the discussion perfectly well, you just didn't like what I brought to the discussion. Making bold yet vague claims will get you a response, and I'd hardly class "fanboy" as name calling, seeing as your first comment easily warranted it.

"Because in the real world, that someone can take offense to it and lay you out."

Lay me out? Was that a threat? In the real world I'd love to see you try, but this is an Internet comments board, make stupid comments and expect a response, and if you take offense from it maybe you should go elsewhere.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   1499d ago
I should have been more specific? haha you remind of Stewi and Brian from Family Guy, when they were talking over the 2way radios, and Stewie kept insisting that Brian finish every sentence with the word "over" even if the actual sentence ends with the word "over".

Im in thread, about "consoles", comparing two "Console Exclusives" games, but I have to finish my comparisons with the word "consoles"? totally got me there buddy.

For the rest of your post, I'll just use your own words.

Cupid asks: Why should we not bring up pc when comparing consoles?

GoatMan answers: "Thats because they're completely different, on PC you have to install the full game initially but after that the game is run directly from the HDD, whereas PS3 installs are mandatory but only install a portion of the game to the HDD due to the Blu-ray drive being too slow to stream data, so you still require the disc and you're not gaining anything from it, but having to overcome hardware limitations".

Cupid asks: Why doesn't F4 support the major Racing events like Nascar, F1, WRX, rally?
Goatman answers: " Forza actually has several STOCK cars, as in STOCK CAR RACING not stock production cars, it just lacks dedicated NASCAR events and lacks official NASCAR liveries"

Cupid asks: SO in other words, it also has Rally Cars, just no rally events and such? but it does hav it? Ah I see.

Goatman says: " I understood the discussion perfectly well, you just didn't like what I brought to the discussion. Making bold yet vague claims will get you a response, and I'd hardly class "fanboy" as name calling, seeing as your first comment easily warranted it."

Cupid answers: The poster I responded stated a FACT that 80% of cars in GT are ports from a previous GT game. And I responded with FACTS that over 80% of Forza Cars are ports from Forza 3, and that Forza4 doesn't support night,rain, wet, dirt/snow racing, and that the biggest racing genres are not supported. But you're right, it's fanboyish to point out facts for Forza 4, but it's ok to do so for GT5, because you know, 5 years, right?

And you should also learn to recognize an "advice" from a "threat", it can literally save your life. <<<oh noes, I just made another threat.
caseh  +   1500d ago
Looks like the GT5 2.0 patch sorted the AI out.
kasasensei  +   1499d ago
Definitely not...
death2smoochie  +   1500d ago
More of these comparisons? Enough already
NISMO_GTR_  +   1500d ago

Forza 4 is a good game
GT5 is a good game

everyone be happy
kaveti6616  +   1500d ago
No they are not.

This is the problem with consoles.

When you're put into a position where you have to choose which console to buy, you start getting very defensive about your purchases.

Observe all the people on this site who own both consoles. They're better adjusted than the single-console owners because they have the freedom to play whatever they want.

I don't want to rag on poor people because in the larger scheme of things I'm poor myself, but I have the purchasing power to afford both consoles and both games, and have them, so I don't give two craps about these games. I'm not put into a position to be a conspiracy nut. I don't care if Forza 4 gets an 8. If you read through my comment history you'll see multiple posts where I criticized the fact that Forza 4 only has some new tracks. I agreed with a 4 out of 5 review which stated that Forza 4 is really an incremental improvement over Forza 3.

But other people who only own one console lack the ability to think about things in a detached manner. They have to constantly defend their purchase.

It's fucking pathetic. And most of the people on this site are unhappy. They have nothing else to look forward to so this is what they do. Or maybe, like me, they're just procrastinating so they don't have to do their homework. Statistical analysis is a piece of shit class.
GenoZStriker  +   1500d ago
Which one of the games takes quite the dive in fps during the video? I don't quite follow the lines well. Is it GT5 or FMS4
JANF  +   1500d ago
GT5, but the drops are so minor that you cant even notice it.
WetN00dle69  +   1500d ago
Still doesnt mean they are not there.
contra157  +   1500d ago
Wow forza looks awful!
WetN00dle69  +   1500d ago
The Fck you smoking???
Forza 4 looks great and so does GT5! Open and use your eyes for godsake.
ambientFLIER  +   1500d ago
Lol, the sad thing is that 25 people agreed with him...just take his bubbles...
A7XEric  +   1500d ago
Gotta give it to Forza. It's framerate is rock solid, has motionblur, and is generally the more consistently good looking game out of the two. Yea GT5 sure has its moments, but it's very inconsistent. For every time it looks amazing there's also a time where it looks like a dud, with some of its PS2 car models or jaggy shadows for example.

Also this isn't really the best comparison video for anything other than framerate analysis. I can't really say which has better looking tracks, lighting, etc. because even though we are looking at the same tracks both games have theirs take place in a totally different time of day.
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STK026  +   1500d ago
Why is it that these days, every game needs to be compared to another game. Can't we just agree that both game are awesome and that they both have pros and cons?

I remember when Gears of War and Resistance came out, gamers and game journalists were comparing these two games, despite the fact that one was a third person shooter while the other on is a first person shooter, these two games wer just being compared for the sake of comparison.

InFamous vs Prototype, Gears of War vs Uncharted, Forza vs Gran Turismo, Killzone vs Call of Duty, Call of Duty vs Battlefield, Call of Duty vs Medal of Honor, etc. Why is it that some people can't enjoy their game unless they prove to the entire world that the game they're playing is better than anyone else's.
Godmars290  +   1500d ago
Well, in the specific case of Forza, Turn 10 takes an active role in making comparisons. When it was them and the Project Gotham Racing people, both where being called compared against GT.
svoulis  +   1500d ago
Why can't gamers just be gamers together and share experiences and not compare how big there consoles E-Peen is ..cause it's getting real dumb at this point.

Honestly yes, GT5 looks better has better shadows and weather effects. But both sides should just be happy they both get good racing games.
DigitalRaptor  +   1500d ago
I KNEW(!!) Eurogamer DigitalFoundry would be the ones to silence the silly Forza/Xbox fanboys claiming superiority!

This is proof... of well the bogus that fills this industry.
josephayal  +   1500d ago
Forza 4 is the new KING
wenaldy  +   1500d ago
Pure genuine trolling.. Congrats..
trouble_bubble  +   1500d ago
Which makes GT the Emperor?

GT got screwed 10 ways from Sunday by the conundrum that is videogame journalism. This video of a one year old game vs one fresh off the print proves it. Asphalt textures. 'nuff said.
#12.2 (Edited 1500d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
WetN00dle69  +   1500d ago
No not really.
#12.2.1 (Edited 1500d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report
Manserotti7  +   1500d ago
I wish these types of reviews weren't even published. Two Different Games on two different Platforms.
Dlacy13g  +   1500d ago
I am not going to say which is better or not...but certainly Laguna Seca on FM4 looks far closer to the real track in terms of details.
Hicken  +   1499d ago
And yet the track is probably not spot-on in dimensions, as Turn10 has admitted to widening tracks. When making a comparison between games such as these- games that claim to be "simulators"- a move like that should be noted.

And, at least insofar as simulators go, it should be frowned upon.
SAE  +   1500d ago
just like what people say here , get over it , both are great , both are different , both are fun , play both and you will be the winner because you will have the fun...

games for fun not for comparing/scores/reviews...etc
Pintheshadows  +   1500d ago
I like cars. I like Gran Turismo. I also like Forza. Try not to have any heart attacks fanboys.
Belasco  +   1500d ago
If I were a reviewer, I would ding every Sony game by at least .5 because so many of their fans are such assholes.
ARTISAN  +   1500d ago
same with 360 bro. both have fanboys simple as that
ambientFLIER  +   1500d ago
Lol, I would do the same. I'd rate Uncharted 3 a 7.5. grab some popcorn, and listen to the cries for help.
CBaoth  +   1499d ago
what - like when Jim Sterling and Eurogamer gave Gears3 an 8?
and every 360 fan turned into a whiny, crybaby Bot and spammed the articles with 200+ posts of hate? Over a score of 8....I thought only droids overreacted like that!
#17.2.1 (Edited 1499d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
evilunklebud  +   1500d ago
Track looks much better in F4.
trouble_bubble  +   1500d ago
No, they look worse. The asphalt in F4 has no grains, meanwhile look at the bottom screen of GT5 and you can see the textures flying by. Trees look more realistic on the roadside, more shadows on the track. F4 is a skidmark show, even on straightaways for some reason.
evilunklebud  +   1500d ago
No rubber....? Or asphalt glare?

Honestly though, I play both and have NO complaints.
#18.1.1 (Edited 1500d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report
trouble_bubble  +   1500d ago
Asphalt glare? I've been driving for almost 20 years, and I can tell you that streets don't glow like that. The course wasn't even wet. That's practically snow blindness.

No rubber? GT has skidmarks, just not 20 per frame. Must be a lot of ducks crossing on that course to see so many sudden stops, peel outs and drifts on stretches of nothing.
evilunklebud  +   1500d ago
We are arguing over minutia at this point.... both look great, and both are a lot of fun.

BTW, I've seen glare a lot (driving almost 30 yrs). Strange. F4 overdoes it a bit, but to have none at all??

Have you played F4 yourself, or are you judging by 3 inch internet videos?
PirateThom  +   1500d ago
Forza really needs to turn the bloom down...
WetN00dle69  +   1500d ago
Yes it does BUT at least it has it. Id rather have it than not having it at all!
Whackedorange  +   1500d ago
I like GT cause it have weather and night conditions and i like forza cause the cars get damaged if you hit something at high speed. Both are great games on their respective plattforms.
rezzah  +   1500d ago
Why is FZ4 always so bright? It doesn't help when it makes the cars look like concepts on a runway driving in a race. It creates a false realism visual.

The damage done to cars in FZ4 arn't good too. Except what I liked was that one car had dents to its side, other than that they were paint scratches or deep dents from light bumps.
Urbz7870  +   1500d ago
I've played both games but i gotta give it to FM4. No fanboyism is intended here FYI.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1500d ago
GT5 for life. It's phenomenal.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1500d ago
Forza 4 wins hands down no competition. The cars look better on GT5 but when it comes down to overall realism Forza 4 takes the crown. Why do all the motors in GT5 sound like motorcycles and Forza 4 motors sound ....well like a real race car motor?
maxx1223  +   1500d ago
Does all of the races in F4 really take place at the same time of day.. i.e. same light source position, etc. etc. ?? I understand that the developers didn't include day/night; rain/etc.. but it feels as though there is this box that the world exists in, and the tracks are all just placed in there .

Now i don't own f4, so this is why im asking. that was the most glaring thing that stood out between the comparison.
iamgoatman  +   1500d ago
No, you can also race at dusk and dawn.
DigitalAnalog  +   1500d ago
According to DF.
Forza uses pre-baked lighting conditions as opposed to the dynamic lighting system applied by GT5.
maxx1223  +   1500d ago

thanks, found the link. just from watching a bunch of different videos that's what it appeared as. Pretty interesting, not sure if i agree, but you can only do so much with your processing power and adding in the extra cars and ai's gotta come from somewhere.
Pintheshadows  +   1500d ago
There is one thing. I bought Forza 3, played it, liked it, and now Forza 4 is out. Fair enough. But i've been playing GT5 almost solidly for a lot of that time. GT5 does have staying power. I'm not saying Forza doesn't but did it really need a sequel? Why not a nice big add on pack.
xtreampro  +   1500d ago
Before I saw this comparison I thought Forza 4 would naturally look better because of it's new image based lighting technology but I was completely wrong, GT5 looks so many orders of magnitudes better than Forza 4.

Forza 4 still has this cartoony, arcady, too glossy, hot-wheels look to it which is just ridiculous, I mean the colours are too flashy, the car LOD is much worse than GT5's and not to mention they kept the same damage system from Forza 1.

I understand that Forza 4 has better engine sounds but if it looks like that then what's the point? No one will take the game seriously. It's only now that I realize how much effort PD put into their car models and lighting system and I can only image what GT6 will look, sound and feel like.

Although I didn't enjoy GT5 as much as GT4 I'm willing to say that it still looks and plays better that Forza 4.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1500d ago
My impression too. GT5 looks photorealistic, while Forza looks well...touched up. Prettier to look at, but just like Maxim models, it has a 'airbrushed' look. This is neither a negative or positive, just an observation. They both pass my bar for beauty.
Michael-Jackson  +   1500d ago
I agree. Forza has an arcady look to it. I always thought Forzas colors and gloss looks overdone as well as the gloss on the tracks.
spektical  +   1500d ago
so with forza4's clearly horrible AI, how did all the reviewers missed this. I myself have tried all of those youtube videos, and get the same results.

Why isnt Forza4 under the microscope, or is GT5 a product of always being successful, that every bit must be perfect?
Denethor_II  +   1500d ago
Is it always blazing sunshine in F4?
maxx1223  +   1500d ago
this is what i asked, but nobody has seemed to respond..
Tito08  +   1500d ago
It's being 4 Forza games & they have being set in daylight, no night, weather, rain, but there are no mention of lacking features compared to GT games having more, but still gets a free pass & a higher score!!!!!!!
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EarthLover  +   1500d ago
No, you can choose to race in overcast or sunset as well.
jetlian  +   1500d ago
Was I
the only one to notice in forza the cars went around till he hit the breaks? After that ever time he showed forza he put the breaks on.
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