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GHIII gets Halo theme as a free DLC song

In appreciation of Guitar Hero and Halo fans alike, Neversoft, Bungie, Activision/RedOctane, and Microsoft have all joined forces to bring players the iconic Halo theme (MJOLNIR Mix) as a free playable song for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, exclusively for Xbox 360 from Microsoft. (Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Halo 3, Xbox 360)

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vgn24  +   2685d ago
This doesn't check out anywhere. I checked all over the place for confirmation. This sounds a lot like the CVG rumor in feb that stated this track would be a free download for GH II. Anyone else remember that? If not, here's the link...
KingJFS  +   2685d ago
"This doesn't check out anywhere"...
You mean except for the press release Activision put out and the two (and counting) Alternative Sources for this story?

Wait, I've got it, it's all lies by Bill Gates himself to make the Xbox 360 look better than the PS3.
vgn24  +   2685d ago
Only an idiot...
Only a flat out moron would assume that by me (an Xbox site owner)questioning an unconfirmed (at the time) rumor, I'm saying it's BS to make the PS3 look bad. That's about the dumbest thing I've read on this site. If you automatically take stuff at face value, I pity you and whatever off spring you spawn in the future.

There was NO confirmation when I questioned this article. And loot-ninja and xboxlivenation both get all there news off n4g. So I'm still a little hesitant.
SwiderMan  +   2685d ago
AcFreeze, the confirmation came in the form of an Activision PR's press release this morning. You didn't see it on other sites because I just happened to be the first site to post it. Please don't "report" my news articles just because it's not on another site.

I don't post rumors without a rumor tag. I strive to make the news on Gaming Target 100% accurate, which this was. Thanks.
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vgn24  +   2685d ago
Did I say it was fake?
Don't get your panties in a bunch. What I reported was a fair, unbiased, and non-offensive report. I didn't call you a liar. I questioned the validity is all. If it's against the F'ing law to question a report from a site I've never heard of when the story is very similar to a story that turned out to be BS earlier in the year, than too bad.

Again, I simply questioned it. Nothing personal, but I can't be expected to take some unknown site at face value. It was odd, because no one at Teamxbox, Xboxfamily, VGC, or GameZone got a press release. Activision's media section doesn't have this press release. Activision's PR site doesn't have this press release. And the 3 or four sources posting the stories have the same "half" press release written in an informal press release style.

Considering each of those sites have an Activision rep assigned to them, it's a little weird. The 4 sites I see with the story are famous for jacking n4g stories.

TeamXbox just posted the story with no press release. Cesar didn't get one either. strange. Yet I'm still not calling you a liar bro. So chill your sh!t
KingJFS  +   2685d ago
And another thing...
I don't know how possible this would be on the Wii (probably not possible at all), but Nintendo should so do this with the Mario theme. It would kick ass.

In fact, I would buy Guitar Hero: Favorite Nintendo Franchises Edition in a heartbeat.

Activision, make it so!
vgn24  +   2685d ago
Before you start insulting people
1. Look at the time of my post.

2. Don't be so simple as to judge my platform preference off my avatar. I run an Xbox site genius. So before you automatically think I'm a Nintendo fanboy, (or PS3 fanboy based on your first reply), think or maybe check my profile.

When I posted my comment, there was no word of this. And the fact that this was a rumor for GH II, gives me the right to question the legitimacy. Now that OFFICIAL word has come out, it's a fair article.

But do you know how stupid you make 360 supporters look when you automatically bash other consoles or call people fanboys without looking first? I doubt a PS3 or Wii fanboy would run an Xbox fansite. Now go ahead and pull your foot out of your mouth or more likely edit your posts so people don't see how ignorant you look.
KingJFS  +   2685d ago
What are you babbling about? All I said was that a Guitar Hero-based game using the themes of Nintendo franchises would be awesome.

What does any of that have to do with your "preferred platform" or whether Activision had posted this news on their PR site (which always takes a day or so anyway).

You sound like a raving loon.
PS360PCROCKS  +   2685d ago
Lol AWESOME!!! I LOVE the theme song to Halo, it's so Epic!
Double-Edged  +   2685d ago
it is.
but what is better is the theme song from street fighter stages.

imagine playing GUILE'S THEME SONG!!!

Animagi  +   2685d ago
This should be fun! :)
kingxtreme81  +   2685d ago
Great news!

I thought that song was cool, and I very much appreciate it being a free download.

I can't wait until tomorrow!

EDIT: I love that some jealous jerk-off marks "disagree" on all positive replies to this topic. What is it? Jealousy, ignorance, fanboyism...what? Grow up douche.
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Animagi  +   2685d ago
Hmm. That's pretty lame. *waits for "Disagree" response*
eclipsegryph  +   2685d ago
Not that I'm the one who clicked "Disagree" there, as you're right, it's a pretty pathetic thing for someone to "disagree" with another person's happiness, but what's the point in getting upset about it? Is there a system on N4G which tracks each person's number of "Agree"s and "Disagree"s?
snorkle256  +   2685d ago
1.1 what sources?
Article Links to 1 source, gamingtarget. Gamingtarget makes quotes but does not have any source for those quotes.

Where is Activisions press release? Its not in their press center on their website.

Please link this up to some offical sources.
SwiderMan  +   2685d ago
Ummm....read the article!
You say: "Gamingtarget makes quotes but does not have any source for those quotes."

From the article: “It’s a real pleasure to hear one of the best loved and most iconic themes from Bungie’s Halo Universe in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock,” --->>>said Marty O’Donnell, Composer and Audio Director for Bungie Studios.<<<----

Read people! Read! I got this from an Activision PR's press release this morning. Just because I was the first to post it on Gaming Target doesn't mean it was a rumor.

It came from Activision; I got it out first. Nuff Said.
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vgn24  +   2685d ago
Someone tell me why no large site got this "press release" and why it's not on Activision's PR site?

Gamerscoreblog (Official MS PR site) = no press release

Bungie = No press release

Major Nelson = No press release

Activision = No press release.

*slow clap*
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DethWish  +   2685d ago
Exclusively huh..? What if Sony made all their featured songs exclusive >_>
DethWish  +   2685d ago
Yay! Got a disagree! For...?
Bnet343  +   2685d ago
This article has nothing to do with Sony
god only knows why you even brought them up ...
Rhezin  +   2685d ago
buy a real guitar..........guitar queeros.
Dashmoney101  +   2685d ago
Look on GH3's Message of the day...
It says "New DLC [Downloadable Content] avialable 11/22 FREE!
so this would make sense.
spec_ops_comm  +   2685d ago
Not Exactly Fair...
Not only do us PS3 owners get the DLC packs later than you 360 guys, but now we're getting less DLC altogether?!?!?

Come on... Give us some love too! I may own a PS3, but I'd still want to rock out with the Halo 3 theme regardless of its exclusivity.

Here's an interesting thought: If Microsoft allowed the theme to be available for PS3 consoles, would Sony even make it available to us? Thoughts?
slak  +   2685d ago
and no

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