8 More PS3 tricks Sony doesn't tell you

Just bought a Sony PlayStation 3? Then you've not maxed out the power of your new uber-console until you've downloaded the latest firmware and dabbled with the following techniques... Following on from's previous "10 PS3 tricks Sony doesn't tell you" article (see Alternative Sources,) Digital Home brings you another batch of tips.

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dantesparda4042d ago

Does anybody know why only the 60GB version can play SACD? and isnt there something else missing too?

Kleptic4043d ago

how exactly is this stuff that "sony didn't tell us"...

only thing in there new is the crazy coke can thing for a router...

everything else is readily available on the online user manual, accesible through the PS3 or SCE website...I had that HDMI problem once, and had to dig for the manual online...its around though, used to be in a pdf i think...

ravinash4042d ago

That was the only time I needed to reach for the manual.

lynx1halo4043d ago

With the next update...Since I already know my PS3 does just about everything.....I know theyll be able to make it float..just like in the commercial

jlytle12344043d ago

it lists avi as a compatible video format...has anyone actually had an avi work on their ps3? mine sure doesnt play them.

biomajor094043d ago

The Ps3 can now recognize avi files but at the moment cannot play them.

SmokeyMcBear4043d ago

yeah i noticed that too.. there were a bunch of movies that the icons changed from unsupported data to an image of the movie and name, but when i tried to play it, it said it was not able to, soon i hope.

Phatjabba4043d ago

None of my movies have preview pics or movies - why is that? My games have previews but my movies have nothing ;-(

eagle214043d ago

Your movies can have have preview clips. Just play the clip, hit triangle, and a icon with all these little dots says change icon. press x, and a 10 to 15 second preview movie clip will automatically load: will be present on the xmb. Make sure you press this quickly for short clips. You can thank me later.

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The story is too old to be commented.