PS3 Outsells Wii in Japan for a Second Week

The latest official sales numbers are in from Japan for the week starting 11/11 and ending 18/11, and surprisingly the PS3 is holding on in there with its new 40GB model, fighting off Nintendo's Wii for another week. The Xbox360 also sees a rise, and Super Mario galaxy and Heavenly Sword also seeing gains. Find out the numbers after the jump


Super Mario Galaxy actually saw a drop. have corrected this in their introduction.

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SnakeCL3833d ago

Um wow, this is totally unexpected. I'm just as shocked as you are.

leon763833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I'm not shocked...this was predictable!!! Two weeks in a row, next week, and next.... It's the Turning Point!!!! PS3 is walking to Rule in Japan...and in the rest of the world!!!

Rooftrellen3833d ago

"PS3 is walking to Rule in Japan"

Like the PSP when it bear the DS for a month.

Oh was only a month.

You're looking at far too small of a sample size to decide anything yet. Long term trends mean more than 2 weeks of a bleep on the radar...wait for this to become a long term trend before you celebrate again.

AngryTypingGuy3833d ago

CrashSharc, all of the "Xbots" like myself are busy playing the best games on the market, while you're waiting and waiting. What would be the benefit of having Sony dominate for another generation? More mediocrity?

beoulve3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

angrytypingguy, I think you are still in denial. You still think PS3 fanboys still waiting for games. Guitar Hero III, Rockband, Ratchet and Clank, Call Of Duty 4, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Assassination Creed and Uncharted: Drake's Fortunes already keep them very busy. I know some are not exclusive but they still have games to play. What small hole you live in? Wait??????

gaffyh3833d ago

I am pretty shocked that PS3 is winning for two weeks straight, would like to see if this lasts though. Also @AngryTypingGuy - There are loads of games out for PS3 now, so stop using the same old argument of no games. It really makes you seem like a fanboy...

SMG has done quite well.

jujunogo3833d ago

start saving you money because Unreal tournemnt 3 is coming to ps3 this year december 11 in U.S.!!! This is a good time to be a ps3 owner and 2008 aint even here yet!!!!!!!!!

mikeslemonade3833d ago

The post about the DS and PSP and how PSP only had a month lead doesn't have much to do with this because the PSP is actually cheaper than the DS in Japan. Here the PS3 is $150 more and has dynasty warriors. Not only did the PS3 sell more the Wii actually sold less than they usually do. Just think what would happen when the PS3 is finally $300 and then Final Fantasy XIII comes out. The price won't be a factor anymore and everyone would buy the PS3.

AngryTypingGuy3833d ago

Outdated arguments, you mean like the RROD argument? I know Sony has some great games...but you are waiting for the AAA titles like GTA and MGS4. I guess R&C is AAA, I don't know. And I was also just making the observation how some games like Lair and Uncharted don't quite get the scores that people expect. But yeah, you're right, don't those arguments on both sides get old?

Now, as far as me being a fanboy...I guess I am what you call an "Xbot", well at least to some extent. Hey, you've gotta give me credit for admitting it! However, I'm not a fanboy to the extent that I hate the other companies. I may very well get a Sony system someday if the price is right and there are enough games on it that I want to play. Basically, I prefer Xbox and would like to see it finish in first place, but when it comes down to it, I don't really care who "wins" as long as the market sustains all three. I am all for competition and choice.

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ReBurn3833d ago

I have to wonder if we're finally seeing some market saturation for the Wii. Or if people are catching on that 90% of the games are crap.

Thank goodness for that good 10%.

MK_Red3833d ago


I'm a Wii hater but the 10 percent, the games like Zack & Wiki, Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3 are too hard to resist. Indeed thank goodness for those few but great games.

+Awesome news for PS3.

Mu5afir3833d ago

Mario doesn't seem to be selling to well in Japan.. that is a shocker. And their other games Matroid never did good in Japan. And we can't expect another Zelda game until 2008. So, lets wait and see how things start rolling.

titntin3833d ago

I think you've got it spot on - theres not been that many 'must have' titles on that machine! It's only mario thats managed to remove the dust from mine... :) Maybe thats because I have the other two. and theres been so many good titles on them. I'm also a tech whore, so SD just doesn't get me as excited..

The Wood3833d ago

sooner or later the sales had to slow down. Either way its more good news for the ps3. Funny thing is that the manufacturing problems with the wii will definitely open the door for the ps3 and need i say the 360 also. would you believe it huh

MANTIIS3833d ago

Its possible. I've always believed that the Wii was a niche console, and as such was more of a fad. I would rather support my Gamecube (which is maintaining that it has better games with every crap Wii release.

The funny thing here, too, on a side note- is that Ace Combat 6 has fallen of the map completely LMAO- poor 360.

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Real gamer 4 life3833d ago

Okay now i am scared! 40gb playstation 3 hit the right price point. Sony has done a 180 degree turn around. The system is selling very well in japan without final fantasy dragon quest or ace combat.

Relcom3833d ago

Dynasty Warriors though.

MK_Red3833d ago

DW6 is a really strong force but Sony should keep the momentum by releasing must have (For Japanese gamers) PS3 titles without a pause for 2 or 3 months (With DMC and other titles) and after that, they can relax and enjoy their rule. Hope it happens.

lilwingman3833d ago

White Knight Story next month should be huge.

Relcom3833d ago

They have switched roles. PS3 is produceing numbers the Wii was doing.
Great news for Sony.

360sucks3833d ago

Heavenly Sword double in sales
hack and slash kinda game
should do very well

mesh13833d ago

hahaha good for japanesse ps3 owners u mean as they dont buy western games and u dont belive u wud want to only play jap games on the ps3 as even wththe jap install base software sales for western devs ARE dismal if u disagree show me proof im rong.

mighty_douche3833d ago

games i want most...

mgs4 and FF versus, guess where they're being developed....?

anyway, unlike you i dont care about sales numbers, all the exclusive games i want are on the ps3, the only xbox games im intersted in are available on the PC where they look/run better anyway.

im a gamer, not a sales figure whore like yourself.

360 tab is the next one over dude, im sure there 50 more mass effect reviews for you to read.

ActionBastard3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Mesh: I will GIVE you Mavis Beacon or even Typing of the Dead if it will help stop the madness that is your typing. Please. Help me, help you.

xplosneer3833d ago

Ninja Theory is a western company and the Heavenly Sword sales almost doubled.

Mighty Boom3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

How can you hate on Mass effect?

mighty_douche3833d ago

dude, no hate for Mass Effect im sure its an outstanding game, but from where im sitting call of duty has pi55ed on halos fireworks and im not seeing much else on the 360 horizen, theres not much more in the 360 section but Mass Effect....

NO hate though.

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