Nike Airforce 1 PlayStation Edition

GameSniped reports:

"The PlayStation AF1 was created in conjunction with some media plans at Sony, circa 2006. The shoe was not available at retail and were apparently given to celebs and the like at events through out the year."

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solar3961d ago

holy crap...are u kidding me. who came up with this idea? the same guy who gave us the "do not use while showering" label on a hair dryer?

leon763961d ago

A must buy shoes!!!! ahahahahahah!!!!!

Darkiewonder3961d ago

THen again the logo doesn't fit much. if taken out then it would be a decent looking shoe!

Marceles3961d ago

lose the playstation logo on the sides, the purple laces, and the patent leather and i'll think about it

Salvadore3961d ago

Those are some ugly pair of shoes.

Marceles3961d ago

I take it you favor the 360 (with the sony droids comment), so here's your shoes.


Skerj3961d ago

LMAO both of those are ugly!!

Enigma_20993961d ago

How hardcore do you have to be?!?!?

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The story is too old to be commented.