Ageia PhysX maps out now for UTIII

Ageia, which is responsible for the PhysX technology that drives the underlying physics interaction in Unreal Tournament III ("with additional benefits for PhysX Processor owners", natch), has released two CTF levels for Epic's blaster.

CTF Lighthouse and CTF Tornado have been lumped together in the Extreme Physics Mod Pack, which is available for download here. Both, obviously, are designed to showcase the power and capabilities of the PhysX technology.

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DethWish4038d ago

Wonder if these'll work without a PhysX card..?

eyeballpauluk4038d ago

i wouldnt think will probably detect whether or not the card is there...just like it did for the levels in cellfactor

dhammalama4038d ago

The cell is definitely good at physics, so maybe they can/will put these on the ps3.