Destructoid review: Bladestorm: The Hundred years' war

Destructoid writes:

"Truly, Bladestorm requires a lot of patience and will sometimes antagonize you, but it's very much worth it. It's a lengthy slog -- I'm still fighting through it right now -- and will chew up a fair few hours, provided you're the type of person who can get into it. It would be foolish of me to recommend this to everybody, as some people are just going to hate it. However, as one of the few fresh things on the menu, I would implore anybody with determination, an interest in strategy, and a desire for something new to check it out. It's got a fair few flaws, some of which can be draining, but it's a fine game indeed, one of Koei's best efforts to date.

I recommend a buy ... but ONLY for a certain, select type of gamer."

Score: 7.5

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