Can Sony sell 120 million PS3s by 2013?

James Rivington of discusses the problems for Sony PS3, including:

• The PS3 has been unable to maintain high sales levels after numerous recent price cuts and short-term sales spikes.

• If Nintendo starts pumping out more Wii consoles to keep up with demands, PS3 could suffer once again.

• The PS3 does not have a large library of hot titles like the PS2 and (to some extend) the Xbox 360.

In conclusion, Rivington says let's see what happens when the likes of Killzone 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Gran Turismo and Metal gear Solid 4, among others, are available for the PS3.

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MrSwede4043d ago

This is crazy. One interview generates 3 stories:)
This one and these two:

Feihc Retsam4043d ago

And the short answer to this is........


When PS2 was king there was no Xbox360 or Wii...

those two have a good market share and there is no way the PS3 will sell as much as the PS2 did

Capt CHAOS4043d ago

Nuff said, Not unless they bring out a PS4, call it a PS3 and it's 1/2 the price of the Xbox 720 and Wiiii.

marinelife94043d ago

If they can keep the price point competitive and build a massive library like the PS2 did. They will sell way more overseas than they will in the US the 360 is very strong competition here.

ReBurn4043d ago

Does the PS3 have to sell as much as the PS2 to be considered successful? Somehow I doubt it.

MK_Red4043d ago

Wise and true comment. Bubbles for you :)

eagle214043d ago

120 million is their record. First it was PS1 75 million, then PS1 100 million. No other home console came close. If the ps2 can sell another 10 million, I say yes. That would be a 100 million advantage over last gen competition. Other home consoles can only pray to achieve that level of success. It won't happen with the business models the other consoles are following. Sony knows what they are doing. I remember 10,000 development kits were shipped in 2005. I remember 50 first party titles were in development using the Unreal Engine 3, none of which have even surfaced yet (no PS3 first party game uses Unreal Engine 3 yet). Rockstar and Square are buddy buddy. Sony is dead smart with this market. Even Bill Gates said, "Sony does games". If any company can even think of pulling it off, it's them. No one else.

Close_Second4043d ago

...but look at it this way. If Sony's market share with the PS3 is less than that of the PS2 then that means that the competition's market share has increased. From that point of view the PS3 could be seen as a failure.

On a different note, I can't believe that people still think that there are 120 million (or so) PS2 owners waiting to buy a PS3. I'll bet most of the 120 million units are not being plugged into the main TV and are probably in kids rooms or elsewhere throughout the house. If thats the case, how many kids rooms, etc will also get an HD display in order to get the most out of the PS3? I'm not making my point very well however, whats the point of Blu-Ray movies or HD gaming on a standard 480p display????

The size and price of the PS2 SKU also made it more appealing to the consumer...all that power and fun packed into such a small and inexpensive plastic box. The PS3 is a giant compared to the PS2 and it will definately need a revised and much smaller (and much cheaper!) SKU to generate mass consumer appeal.

n_n4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

will Nintendo or Microsoft EVER reach the success of the Playstation brand. who cares if the PS3 beats the PS2.

but to answer the title.. i don't think it will.

Covenant4043d ago

(posted reply on wrong comment...sorry)

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crippler6664043d ago

Whilst it maybe a long shot... Does anyone really want to bet against Sony doing it again?

ukilnme4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I don't work for Sony or own any of their stock. I do own a PS3 so I hope that it sells well and that they keep the games coming.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

ravinash4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

than it was before last gen.
With 360 leading in US and PS3 leading in japan and possible Europe there won't be an all out winner as it gets nearer change over time for the following gen.
One console might have a 2 - 3 Mil more than the other by the end but if each got past say 90 Mil mark, is that a big thing?
And don't forget the Wii factor....All the people who got into that will be looking for the next best thing when they see the games can't get past what they can already do.

PimpHandHappy4043d ago

but maybe

i cant see any system selling like the PS2! The PS2 will be selling for a few more years so we dont know where it will end up

i think the PS3 will end up around 60mil and the 360 will end up around 45mil by the time they get replaced


but then again

what do i know


OOG FunK4043d ago

totally agree with your numbers...deff not hitn the 100 mill mark again....this gen at least...DS jus may tho

Darkiewonder4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Probably not. But will they still be selling ps3? yes. Will it have an impact just like ps1/ps2? Just sit and watch.

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