20° Reviews Assassin's Creed on the 360 review Assassin's Creed on the 360 giving it a less than glowing review.

"If ever you needed an example of why you shouldn't get carried away with hype, it's this game. I'm not questioning the fact that Ubisoft's Montreal studio has created a marvellous graphical spectacle, it's the best looking title on the Xbox 360 to date, but the movie-set façade can't hide the fact that the game deteriorates the more you play it and after a few hours even gazing in awe at the stunning backdrop begins to get tiresome. It's plain and simple. You can plough as much money as you can get your hands on and have the best designers in the world creating a graphical and technical masterpiece, but if a game lacks any challenge or fails to deliver an exciting gameplay experience, it's going to stand out for all the wrong reasons. "

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cpuchess3590d ago

I've been playing this every day since release on the 360 and have had a great time with it. It's not perfect that's for sure but it's a lot of fun to play.