Microsoft launches XNA Game Studio 2.0 beta

Developmag writes:

"Microsoft has released a beta version of its XNA Game Studio 2.0 game development framework.
The beta enables users to try out a feature-complete version of the software, including new features such as integration with all Visual Studio versions and support for networked games using Games for Windows Live – a feature now confimed after our talk with XNA boss Chris Satchell earlier this year revealed that he wasn't sure of the viability of including it in this release."

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gololo4015d ago

oooh this looks really cool...getting this as i write...

Bladestar4015d ago

I like the fact that microsoft is working hard on the XNA framework. This IP will work like DirectX... I can't wait to see what kind of features the XNA will have by the time the xbox 3 comes out.