Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: Holiday DVD War Heats Up (CNBC TV News Report)

The DVD war is heating up this holiday shopping season, and CNBC's Julia Boorstin and Dennis Kneale share their insight.

The comprehensive video discussion covers:
• Studio supports vs. retail prices: which one will prevail?
• Studios that are with either Blu-ray or HD DVD.
• Sony CEO's declaration of Blu-ray victory earlier this year, and then recently backing away from it.
• Paramount and Dreamworks switching to HD DVD, and the reported $150 million payoff.
• Sony's history of losing format wars.
• Blu-ray's biggest edge: PlayStation 3.
• PS3 being a "wildcard" - studies that show that only 20% to 30% of PS3 owners watch Blu-ray movies.
• The historical price point that convinces people to buy a new product: $199.
• Blu-ray and HD DVD together have only 2.5% of the video market and sold fewer than one million units.
• The currently dying DVD market.
• Consumers who are confused and deterred by the format war.
• Other factors: upscaling DVD players, video-on-demand.

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rbanke4044d ago

how many days in a row can the High def DVD wars 'heat up'. Almost as overused as 'top ten .....'

actas1234044d ago

So what is the point of this video. They said the war will keep the consumer confused...ya, and you are not helping

eagle214044d ago

Other companies do not innovate formats. The Compact Disc (CD) was Sony's baby and joint ventured. Just like Blu Ray. This is not about Sony or Toshiba. This is about Innovation vs. Innovation. The Blu Ray Disc Association convinced me they were confident. Even Pioneer. Hd dvd seems to be trying to play with people. I think the general public must face the fact that someone must try and fail for innovation. Failure is not even the right word because the failures are the ones who don't even try. Bench warmers do nothing but poach innovation (Microsoft). It is time to see the true innovators get the rewards. Blu Ray wins.

Side Note: Japan never went VHS, only Beta, and Beta is still around in other forms.

cuco334044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

I guess you forgot the Sony proprietary:

- memory sticks that only work on their devices vs all other flash media designed for devices
- the UMD for PSP movies
- their minidisk format that only worked on their devices

That's just 3, I can go on but I won't so saying 'never failed' is a big false statement. I applaud them from bringing new technologies to the table but not when competition already does it or there is no market for it.

EDIT: to below. Refer to the original Memory Stick flash cards before the Magic Gate name. I know because I have a few from my 2 older Sony cameras that I no longer can use on any other product, INCLUDING all Sony products LIKE the PSP. I reckon with the 'dude you suck' post puts you at what, 18? 19?
How about minidisk that I mentioned? I'll add some more SACD (competing with DVD-A)? MicroMV? MiniDV? HiFD (competing with Iomega's Zip drives)? MMCD? oh wait, MMCD merged with the competition to form.... DVD. Greed begets the better of execs and it is the execs to blame for the clusterf*ck we are in right now since Toshiba & the HD DVD forum and Sony/Panasonic & BDA COULD HAVE come up with a similar resolution.
Thanks for playing.

eagle214044d ago

Do you even know that the 30 million selling PSP uses memory sticks? I said Betamax vs. VHs was the only real war. UMD is a game and movie format that competes with no one like the ds cartridges. Monster Hunter portable (the biggest selling japan game title this year, is a UMD). Dude, you suck.

tk4044d ago

Only one million HD players out there - but:
20%-30% of PS3 owners watch Blu Ray - that would mean with sales of over 5 million - at least 1 million players out there without counting standalone Blu Ray players. And that is not counting the HD-DVD players sold.

As always - trying to take a swipe at Sony on many points. It is not much o a war heating up - more like BR beating HD-DVD into the ground.

jaja14344043d ago

Their just referring to stand alone players. But you probably already knew that.

n_n4044d ago

sony is one of the very few companies that have enough balls to bring out something new while other companies are to scared and wait for a format to gain ground before jumping all over it. their problem in the past was keeping it proprietary... this is not the case this time with Blu-ray

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