HD DVD vs. Blu-ray: Who Will Win on Black Friday?

This year all eyes are on the high definition market and the battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray. CNBC Business News reporter Julia Boorstin discusses the question: which side will sell more movies and more players this crucial holiday season?

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eLiNeS4040d ago

wouldn't that be nice for all the Fony fangirls that bought a Trojan Horse. Sorry to tell you this but Blu-Gay has packed it's bags.

The consumer would rather have a HD TiVo then Blu-Gay but HD-DVD is the clear winner!!!

HarryEtTubMan4040d ago

Thats why Blu Ray has won every week every since its been relesed right? Even the week Transformers came out. Stop lieing and post fact. Toshiba vs. Sony, samsing, LG, Pioneer, Panasonic , JVC AND EVERYONE ELSE. Blu Ray out sells HD DVD by at least 4:1 EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD BUT THE U.S. 98% of Japan uses bLU RAY. bLU RAY WINS GREAT THAN 2:1 ALSO. I guaratee u Blu Ray will win with all the PS3's being sold and all the Disny and everything else movies. Blu Ray is the better format until PROVEN OTHERWISE. You fanboy sh!t of saying "no HD DVD is better because I'm alitte baby and want it to win" Stop being a lil b!tch and just lieing. HD DVD HAS NOT WON A SINGLE WEEK SINCE BLU RAY RELEASED. IF MABYE THEY HAVE WON ONE OR TWO WEEKS(LLLMMMAAAOOOO) THEN PROVE IT OF STFU AND GTFO. YOU LOSE.

achira4040d ago

what are they smoking. of course blu ray. with a 2 to 1 ratio at least. no need to twist that with poor propaganda.

Double-Edged4040d ago

360 people..
lets just shoot this girl's bubbles away.
each comment of his aint even fanboy-ish and doesnt make sense.

Just kill his bubbles.

PimpHandHappy4040d ago

but since im here

Didnt they sell 100,000 HD-DVD players on that black friday when they had that sale?

Well Sony just sold 100,000 blueray players in one week.

HiDef movies are a niche group of ppl and blueray has more good movies and more players on the market

my bet is on Blueray

PimpHandHappy4040d ago

this site is called News for Gamers

these HD-DVD vs Blueray posts are not really gamer news unless the gamer is looking for somewhere to hang his hat

i myself can care less. If i wanted a movie in HD-DVD i would wait for the next sale and buy it for 50bucks! Shame toshiba lost 150bucks on each player they sold and no matter how they twist the numbers they wont catch Sony

deeznuts4040d ago

News for Gamers, not news for gaming (strictly). Gamers have Blu-ray players and HD DVD add-ons, it's very relevant.

Rooftrellen4040d ago

"Gamers have Blu-ray players and HD DVD add-ons, it's very relevant."

Gamers have cars to go to the store and pick up games, too, but you don't want to see something about some new car that runs on human urine in the industry news, sure, industry news, no.

kewlkat0074040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

except Price Matters to Consumers.

Whichever goes Lowest..

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The story is too old to be commented.