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[VIDEO] Nemesis confirmed for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Check out the first footage showing Nemesis in RE: ORC (PC, PS3, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Xbox 360)

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Godmars290  +   1077d ago
If this is talking place parallel to RE3's timeline, how is Nemesis finding time to chase down Jill along with these other people?

I mean, even Jason from the Friday 13th movies would have a time puling double duty hunting down two groups of civilian campers. Nevermind heavily armed special forces members.
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zielocz3k  +   1077d ago
that's a good question :)
MrSpace  +   1077d ago
It's Slant Six....they havent thought it through because they think it will selll really well because it has RE in the title.

It looks crap and I hope it does bad in sales, sorry to be blunt but it's need to happen so Capcom will wake the f*ck up.

God if people actually buy into this crap then Capcom will milk this franchise and they will mess up RE even more. I hope people have some common sense and won't buy this

If you going to "give it a chance" at least buy it used or wait a few months after. Remember if you buy it to give it a chance and don't like it Capcom will still see that as a happy sale.
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zielocz3k  +   1077d ago
MrSpace yeah but remember it's not a canon game :)
IrishAssa  +   1077d ago
Nemesis appears like 4 times in RE3(if you Ko him each time). There is plenty of time for him, he was all over the city lookign for peeps
Evolve  +   1077d ago
Last Time I saw Nemesis, I've turned of my PS One and run away. before he even done with his famous word, STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS!
DarkBlood  +   1077d ago
nice they even got that music from the 3rd re game in there

you know i always wonder where that helicopter was going after it drop the tyrant in re2 was perhaps the second one had the nemesis in it?
zielocz3k  +   1077d ago
it's me :) the vid was soundless so i added Nemesis theme from RE3
DarkBlood  +   1077d ago
ah well you got me there lol nice though
Da One  +   1077d ago
This game doesn't look to good.
GunofthePatriots  +   1077d ago

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