Black Friday: A list of this week's best videogame deals

The best of Best Buy:
Xbox 360 with Guitar Hero 2 bundle - $349.99
Sony 46" 1080p LCD HDTV with free PS3 80GB System with MotorStorm and Home Theater Installation - $1999.98
PS3 80GB with MotorStorm and five free Blu-Ray movies -$499.99
The Orange Box (PC) - $24.99
BioShock (PC) - $24.99

Thats just a little taste. More after the jump.

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Assassin4hire4039d ago

Too bad i already have a 1080p tv and a ps3...otherwise i'd jump on that bravia with ps3 deal in a SECOND...its an amazing deal. All the other black friday ads are old news to me. Im still tempted to buy that tv and ps3 deal just because its amazing

jahcure4039d ago

I picked up a Bravia KDL-40V2500 this week at Circuit City. They are selling them for $1399 and there are 10% coupons off in the store. Used one of them and got that puppy for 1200+. What's good is that with the CC rewards card you get TWO YEARS to pay it off with no interest. Don't get the credit card, just the rewards card.

It's a 40" 1080p with BEAUTIFUL viewing.
I'll also be picking up a 40" sammy at bestbuy this black friday. They have a special on the 40" 1080p for 1199 before a 10% coupon. Similar to Circuit City, their rewards card gives you 18 months to pay it off.

xaphanze4039d ago

I have a 720p.Will be getting my 1080p next year.All in time :).Lebanon isn't cheap.

kurochi4039d ago

how does someone disagree with your statement?? I'm baffled by that......

But go for the Sony 1080p xbr4.... that's the real nice one. But the sharp and samsung are nice also. you can get a 40-46 inch for close to $1000-$1500 US. Supposedly, the price of LCD will drop another 30% after this year..... Can't wait until the OLED's comes out......

mccomber4039d ago

with the Hertzfeldt cartoon. Oh yeah, and anyone know if any retailers do the price guarantee for Black Friday sales? I wants some GH2...

wangdiddy824039d ago

wish i didnt own a ps3 and 1080 p tv right now.. I could have saved a lot of freaking money..

Rhezin4039d ago

I bet if there was a white friday Al Sharpton would get pissed off.