COD4 dev put its "best coders" on PS3

"We had our best programmers on the PS3 [version of Call of Duty] and it shows," Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella has bellowed.

"We had two separate teams working on both versions from the start," Zampella says, "Most developers only focus on a single platform, then quickly port the game over to another one. You don't get very good results that way".

Contributor's note: Games Radar's information on PS3's 24 max players vs. 360's 18 is wrong. Infinity Ward earlier confirmed that "they both have 16 players max, except on Ground War gametype which has 18 players max. On BOTH consoles." (See the Alternative Sources below for the news about this information.)

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Lex Luthor4041d ago

And the 360 version is still better

Relcom4041d ago

Seeing as i'm sure you have never played the PS3 version. I on the other hand have played both. They are equally great so....

Bladestar4041d ago

@Relcom - I think he is refering to all those extra features the xbox 360 version have that the PS3 does not... of course Sony fanboys say they don't care but they do add to the gaming experience...
Gamescore, achivements, rumble, game invites, etc... whether you care or not... the xbox 360 version have everything the PS3 version have plus other things.... care or not..

Kleptic4041d ago

the PS3 still has invites and achievements though...they just are not available outside of the game...

I guess eventually some firmware will change the invite thing, so that they are available cross game...most of us hoped it was 2.0...and wasn't...w/e...

also anyone still having issues with the PS3 version?...been playing free for all all morning with no problems and obviously have the 2.01 update that everyone said broke it...Thanksgiving break 4tw!..


always looking to make a stupid comment.
Dont you have HALO to play or is your XBOX getting repaired ???

ravinash4041d ago

but that will be coming along soon, so it really nothing.

redmamoth4041d ago

... Just import a DualShock 3 from Japan.

Once again, another miss informed uneducated xbot gets it wrong... Makes me so glad I bought a PS3, the gamers are alot more mature! I'd go insane if I had to listen to pr1cks like TheMart and LastnighT et al screaming down my earpiece on a daily basis!!!

mazirjones4041d ago

and i don't read good anymore, but i'm pretty sure the article states that the ps3 version is better. who cares though, right?

ActionBastard4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Bladestar: You truly are an idiot. Gamerscore, achievements (skill points on PS3), invites, etc are because of Xbox Live, not because the dev WANTED to add, let alone code the extra sh1t that really isn't missed. PS3 doesn't have Check Mii Out either and no one minds. Now go read a book or something.

EDIT: apoc06, you sure that isn't Perk related?

apoc064041d ago

actually, i DO own both versions. with the exception of the excessive bloom in the farmhouse level on xbox360, they both pretty much look the same.

the xbox360 has better bloom effects, but the draw distance on the ps3 is much, much better though. you can see further, but the xbox360 version gets blurry as you look further into the distance.

also, has anyone noticed that the radius of damage from grenades is much larger on the xbox360 version?

TheSadTruth4041d ago

PS3 version has FREE online

so the PS3 version is good for something I suppose

sticky doja4041d ago

Maybe they are using the Sonic Boom perk?

zapass4041d ago

I'll admit it, biotch slapping the xbots is a new form of online gaming that I really appreciate recently. Their arrogance is shrinking by the day, they're almost cute when they come and tell ya "you see I'm no fanboy, I've got both systems now", it's delicious. The cherry on the cake is that we're just beginning, we have years ahead of online (ex)bot slapping with episodic content like: "catch the sucka out of the closet!" or "freeze the sucka before he's 11h refurb for extra style bonus!"

Wii60_FTW4041d ago


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TheXgamerLive4041d ago

The Xbox 360 is the better version.
However, they probably did use there best developers on the game for the PS3, how else could it be close to 360 visuals and gameplay otherwise? I guess this is what it takes to do a decent PS3 game.

Blitzed4041d ago

Can you provide a link to this proof?

sticky doja4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I have seen no comparison to verify that. I do see however that IW had to use the best of their programers to get the PS3 version on the same level as the 360. So basically they have to have the programmers that make the biggest checks at IW work on the PS3 version, only to have it sell not even half as much as the 360 version. I would hate to be a 3rd party publisher making a game for the PS3.

Keyser4041d ago

they used there best programmers because of the different architecture that the PS3 has. The 360 is more traditional and as we all know, easier to program.

You want your best people working on your hardest issues right? (Question for you EA)

popup4041d ago

Its good to see that they did not syphon off PS3 development like every other multiplatform has and neither was the lead in this case.

For a first real attempt on PS3 on its own merits, Infinity Ward deserve a pat on the back for producing a quality product by giving it the proper attention the hardware deserves when they had so little previous experience with it.

This will bless them for future PS3 projects just as their tireless history of work on the 360 as a lead has allowed them to get as far as they have with CoD4 by pushing that platform (and by using the same best programmers that turned COD2 into COD4 on the 360).

You can see how they have got stuck into the 360 development and optimizations just from a glance at the history of the series and its accolades.

From a CoD2 review:- "...Call of Duty 2 is easily one of the best looking Xbox 360 games for launch"

From a CoD3 review:- "...It is, however, the best-looking 360 game to date"

Cod4 review "..goes right beside Gears of War as one of the best looking games on the platform so far"

..and you only have to look at the graphical difference between the 2 and 4 to see how this persistence and skill has paid off.

Lets hope similar leaps are made in PS3 and 360 development from them in the future.

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Zhuk4041d ago

Even with the best coders at one of the worlds most talented dev studios could not make a game run better on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360.

This proves without a doubt that the Xbox 360 is the most powerful next generation console on the market

achira4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

lol, thats why everyone feels your fear. wait till nex year, then we will discuss this topic again.

edit: and he does not say, that there were no "best coders" for the 360 version. he only wanted to highlight that they took the work serious.

RuffRyder4041d ago

No thanks, id rather play my games than play the waiting game which you sony fangirls seems to be enjoying so much lol.

-It was wait till the ps3 is released
-then it was wait till 2007
-then wait till heavenly sword & lair

and now its wait till 2008??? hhmm when next year comes i think i can guess what you and the rest of the sonyfan girls will be saying...." just wait till.."

V2oom4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

"wait till next year"
"wait till 2008"
"wait till 2009"
"wait till KZ2"
"wait till MGS"
"wait till Lair"
"wait till Warhawk"
"wait till the NEXT price drop"

Its called denial, do yourself a favour and get a 360 then you don't have to wait.

EDIT: lol. RuffRyder you type quicker than I do.

ThisIsWaiting4041d ago

you can have my username here if you want ... its way more fitting of you then me.

Wait Beyond! lol

redmamoth4041d ago

So many reviewers are questioning if it would even be possible on the 360.... And it's only using 30% of the CELL!!!

Seriously, were you dropped on your head at birth??

mesh14041d ago

AC WITH hte xbox 260 hdr+anti aliasinbg makes assisin creed beutifull after playing that game on the 360 u understand why THE 360 IS more capable grapicalyy than any other console to date the cpu is a power house + the gopu whih is a break true in gpu is amazing

FF7numba14041d ago

xbox 360 sucks. you guys still paying for online. as long as yours paying to play online xbox is a flop.

Keyser4041d ago

What do Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank prove?

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy what you have.

How about we congratulate the good games on both systems and leave stupid comments to politicians?

snoopgg4041d ago

then I guess the ps3 can have games just as good as the 360!!! Anyway, I can't wait for Killzone 2, since Halo 3 sucked so badly!!!

Kaneda4041d ago

PS3 already surpassed 360 visually w/ uncharted drakes (and running 720p unlike Halo 3 640p)... The only thing that makes xbots feel better themselves are cross platform comparisons. But we are very close in surpassing them in cross platform games too... they will have nothing, but to save money for upgrading to xbox720...

jmare4041d ago

That's fvcking stupid. Why would devs want to make one version better than another. They are not [email protected] fanboys. Their goal is to make a good product and sell that product as much as possible. They were trying to make the versions the same, not one better than the other.

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Lord Cheese4041d ago

This partly reflects the fact that at the moment the PS3 is still harder to develop for (or so rumors would have you believe). The texture comparison i saw on this site a while back would suggest almost no difference graphically (although not having seen them run side-by-side makes it hard to judge).

Mikelarry4041d ago

is the kind of garbage that is pulling the ps3 down. then when the game comes out and ppl find faults with it. they would come back to tthis article and say " wait didnt they say the ps3 version had their best coders" bs just get the game done and let every gamer have a good time with it