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New Game Network: "The latest Xbox exclusive title to use the Kinect technology, PowerUp Heroes from Ubisoft, is a bit of a mixed bag. Unlike all of the similarly designed titles before it, like Kinect Sports, PowerUp Heroes tries to take the gameplay to a more serious, competitive setting but ultimately ends up suffering because of the underlying technology. Earning and using superpowers with your Xbox Avatars is fun, but it’s limited entertainment with a host of control issues."

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Hazard_RJ1653d ago

STEAM nem vai se dar o trabalho de upar o tópico desse jogo pra postar os Reviews kkkkk

Kinect é uma vergonha mesmo

Ayepecks1653d ago

Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish!

Neckbear1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

...That ain't spanish, bro. That's portuguese.

Ayepecks1653d ago

@ Neckbear: It's a quote from Anchorman, bro.

Tigerfist1653d ago

Why the hell are you typing in Portuguese on an international website? It's like 98% of the people here won't understand you and it all ends up beeing spam...

bluedot1331653d ago

Even though I don't understand it, I am not sure this article has anything to do with Steam anyway...