Eurogamer Reviews WipEout Pulse

Eurogamer writes:

"According to those splendid websites that go around counting all the review scores, WipEout Pure is the second best game on the PSP. Ever. That's not bad for the seventh game in a clubby racing series that's definitely had its uppers and downers. Lucky number eight, due out for Christmas, remembers to drink lots of water and has a jolly old time too."

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iilluminate4041d ago

Still thinking whether I should get a PSP. If I did then this would be first on my list.

Can't wait for WipEout HD, surprised we've not heard more about it lately.

Leathersoup4041d ago

.. I really wanted to. It's always looked so cool but I could never keep my vehicle boosted enough to stay in 1st... well that and the whole come to a complete stop when you hit a wall.

bootsielon4041d ago

Mature F-Zero. BTW, I love the soundtrack!