Should Reviewers Take Off Points For Online Passes?

Kotaku: Can we get a call to reviewers to start taking off points for anti-consumer practices, like online passes?

I understand that reviews are a discussion of the game's qualities or lack thereof, but video games are a consumer product, and an expensive one at that. Most gamers (or non-gamers looking to buy gifts for gamers, etc.) look at reviews as a buyers' guide. "Is this game worth my $60?"

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coolbeans2342d ago

This sounds a bit perposterous imo. Reviewers in all categories (books, movies, games, etc.) are under the notion that they're reviewing this product with the "new" mentality in mind. Movie critics can't anticipate the quality of a bootlegged movie or DVD that may have a few scratches (for the sake of using an example of both pirated and used copies); furthermore, game critics shouldn't mind those aspects when reviewing a game.

No review site has ever created a category called "resale value".

Dante1122342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Lol, I'd laugh so hard if reviewers started taking away points for online passes ***now***.

Edit: @ disturbing

It's probably just a coincidence though lol.

NewMonday2342d ago

Like saying we should take away point off every MP XBox game because we need Live gold.

In the good old days a review was simply about how good the game is, now many of the "critics" are nerds or geeks full of themselves , some make flame bait looking for hits, some others have an ax to grind with the publisher, developer or fans of the game

Sunhammer2342d ago

I love how they only take notice for online passes when PS3 games do it, but it's all good when Gears of War 3 does it.

Haha, oh Kotaku.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32342d ago

On the one hand I look at it as a way to send a message to publishers that this type of model for gaming isn't all that agreeable. But on the other hand those points deducted could harm a great dev and games' metascore.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32342d ago

Gears doesn't have an online pass it has a season pass, which is two very different things. Do some research before typing misinformation, there's enough of that already.

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iamnsuperman2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Well said. I am not sure what Kotaku is on about. They should review it new. If they want to review it as used then fine but please state so so I can ignore the resale part of their review. In a way its a bit like Xbox gold. Should points be knocked off every game because you have to pay for online?. Of course not tat would be dumb. Same goes here. If you want to buy it used fair enough but be prepared to pay extra for you discounted game.

colonel1792342d ago

Adding to your comment. Buying new or used doesn't reflect on the quality of the game (which is what should be reviewed). You might missed content, if bought used, but the review should cover everything that the game has to offer.

They could state it that when buying used you missed on x, y or z. The review should be about the game, not about the state you buy it.

Is the movie Black Swan better or worse if I buy it used/pirated? It doesn't matter. The quality of what the image and audio might be different, but the movie doesn't change at all.

Also, if they reviewed the game used, and saying it sucks because you can't play online or don't have x content, is wrong. Because then, you should review what you have. Is Uncharted SP campaign worse or better because you can't access online? No, it doesn't change a bit.

PhoenixDevil2342d ago

you got 3 disagrees within 12 minutes and I have no idea why, I totally agree with you with the idea of taking online passes or xbox live subscription into the scoring of a review, does this mean that PSN or XBLA games are going to be higher scored coz there a fraction of the price ?

Also if this was the case then surely games like MW3 should be deducted points because CoD games are always expensive for ages after being pre owned

Marceles2342d ago

Trollolol @ Kotaku...they never fail to hide their hate for PS3

SoapShoes2342d ago

"Is this game worth my $60?" Yes it is because buying it new comes with an online pass for free unless you're a dimwit and bought it used for $60. You can't review it with being used in mind as a buying guide because they'd have to review it for EVERY price there is. Uncharted 3 review for $60, $55, $50, $45, $40, etc etc... I guess every game would be a 10/10 if it was free then huh? Write up a Free review!!!

What dummy wrote this trash?

manman62342d ago

No, it the should score the game on how well it plays not about the online pass that you have to pay for if you buy a game used.

PshycoNinja2342d ago

This has to be te single dumbest thing kotaku has ever said... in the past week.

Seriously your going to dock points because of a pass. Kotaku does know that you can't play any 360 game online unless you pay for gold? Do they deserve to get docked points? No? Than why would uncharted be the exception?

Maybe they played unchared 3 and saw that there's nothing game wise they can dock points for so they are trying to do this. No wonder nobody takes kotaku seriously anymore.

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disturbing_flame2342d ago

So webzines waited for the release of Uncharted 3 to ask the question ?


coolbeans2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

That's unfair to call out a site as if it were "waiting" for Uncharted 3, as if this is fueled by bias. I'd say it's more of a retread when PSN Pass/Ubisoft Pass were announced a few months ago, and now they're harking back to it because of Arkham City's online pass debacle.

disturbing_flame2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

So why the question have not been asked at that time ?

And you think the online pass is just a new feature initiated on the PSN or by ubisoft ?

There were online pass with EA games since last year, even battlefield bad company 2 had an online pass, did you read at that time articles saying webzines should take off points because of their use.

I find it's a great timing, just at the moment of U3 release, i just observe it. I don't feel it's weird to talk about it.

GuyManDude2342d ago

Nope. G4 asked this question in the Resistance 3 review. Here's what Morgan Webb had to say:

"Sony is making the PS3’s already confusing and frustrating online system feel unnecessarily punitive, and they are doing Resistance 3 no favors. Even though I am tempted to lower the game’s score because of the Online Pass, Insomniac should not be penalized for Sony’s policy, especially since it seems they are aiming for a multi-platform future."

Review the game the devs made. Nothing else.

nycredude2342d ago

So if they weren't aiming for a multi-platform furture then Morgan would have lowered the game's score?

kaveti66162342d ago

"So if they weren't aiming for a multi-platform furture then Morgan would have lowered the game's score?"

Possibly, because then the pass would have been unique to Resistance and it would only be associated with the pass so reviewers could dock the game points for it.

coolbeans2342d ago

"So why the question have not been asked at that time?"

It has been...I'm not sure what else to say.

"And you think the online pass is just a new feature initiated on the PSN or by ubisoft?"

I know when this fiasco slowly started. Whether you're reading when I've written, or reading between the lines, I'm not sure how you could've come to the conclusion that I was insinuating [your quote] in the first place.

Personally, I don't think you truly read my response, but instead are stealthing anything and everything about UC3 that could shed a bad light on it. I wouldn't be surprised if you post something like "I betcha they rated it lower just because of PSN Pass" when UC3 receives it's first 9/10 score. Although that's just me speculating, it is reasonable speculation when considering what site we're on.

PR_FROM_OHIO2342d ago

HELL NO!!!!!! but if kotaku or ign do it i wouldn't be shocked!!!

newleaf2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

If they are going to do that then they should take points off every 360 game that has online since you have to pay for xbox live gold. In other words, quit being ridiculous.
PSN pass does not remove a single bit of enjoyment that I'm certain Uncharted 3 comes crammed with.
Ridiculous article is retarded (not in an offensive way, retarded has a dictionary definition that isn't what you're thinking Mr Moderator.)
Edit: Long Live Play. Still can't get over it.

Why o why2342d ago

'If they are going to do that then they should take points off every 360 game that has online since you have to pay for xbox live gold. In other words, quit being ridiculous.
PSN pass does not remove a single bit of enjoyment that I'm certain Uncharted 3 comes crammed with.'

Spot on

thumbs down again bukaku

M1chl2342d ago

Sorry but I don't thinks so. Maybe if there are only X360 games, but even that, taht doesnt makes sence. Live Gold is a Microsoft thing, not developers or publishers think. So if they drop some points because of needs Microsoft Live Subscription, that would mean that every (almost every) X360 should receive a lower mark. I think that this things with online passes shouldn't be considered in review score. Because its not a game elementh...

PirateThom2342d ago

Yeah, but the online passes come with the game while Gold doesn't (with a few trial exceptions).

It should have been asked years ago, when EA were doing it with Mass Effect 2 and Bad Company 2.

DigitalRaptor2342d ago

To be honest, we kind of let it happen. We have to blame ourselves partly, not just the publisher.

It doesn't affect me because I'm a good, honest consumer who buys new for the most part, but I can understand the flaws of this online pass system: lending a game to a friend, losing your account etc.

I don't really support the used market besides games from last gen and beyond!

Buuhan12342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

I think they should if only to try and encourage publishers to stop with the fucking online passes. Instead of feeling pride I'm finding myself feeling shame whenever I buy a new game now cause I'm supporting this corporate bullshit in the process.

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