The top five most disappointing Xbox 360 games

A disappointing game might not be awful. But there's a nagging feeling that, for whatever reason, the game just failed to live up to its potential.

5. Assassin's Creed

It's got some fantastic ideas, an amazing graphics engine, tight controls, and some of the best animation that we've seen so far. So what exactly went wrong? A poorly judged interest curve is a bad start, with a slow beginning and intrusive tutorial. As the game goes on though, the repetitive mission structure begins to drag, and the game's lack of a decent stealth mechanic does little to help. Promising, clever, fun, but not all that it could have been and ultimately disappointing.

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The Maverick4042d ago

I totally agree many games that have been hyped have turned out to be nothing but s**T, or dissapointing, i.e assasins creed. i did all three PoP but found this one extremely mediocre

Gamespot-equals-EGM4041d ago

Yet Gamespot gave Perfect Dark Zero a 9.0, a higher score than R:FOM. What a joke site and a sh!tty review.

Evil0Angel4041d ago

The top 50 most disappointing PS3 games

Skerj4042d ago

While AC wasn't everything I wanted, it was certainly entertaining with an engaging story. I'd swap that spot for Bullet Witch or ShadowRun easily.

mesh14042d ago

shadow run is beter than warhawk in temr sof fun and gameplay if u ask me its not just awow title tbh but for that it gives i place it a little bit ahed of warhawk

P4KY B4041d ago

Stop giving us 360 fans a bad name.
Shadow Run seriously sucked big time.

I don't own a PS3 and have never played Warhawk but I cannot believe that its worse than Shadow Run.

The Maverick4041d ago

true AC was better then those games but i meant with all of the hype that appeared to surround it, in terms of that it was a severe disapointment

The Maverick4041d ago

true AC was better then those games but i meant with all of the hype that appeared to surround it, in terms of that it was a severe disapointment

Skerj4041d ago

I gotcha Maverick, I was on my way to thinking the same thing considering the amount of time I've been waiting for this game. It was repetitive, some mixed acting, and bugs GALORE. Game crashing over a dozen times is unacceptable. It seemed for all of the hype and media attention it has recieved it was lacking that crucial final level of polish that should have taken place. I got tired of hearing the same 3-4 phrases in different accents when you save a citizen, run near someone, kill someone, and pretty much anything else. If I never hear "where is the one responsible for this!?" again it'll be too soon.

There wasn't really any head tracking so the cinematic flair of the cutscenes was lost when the guy is looking in the opposite direction or off to the side talking DIRECTLY to me, the same with Altair. With all of that crap aside I enjoyed the game as my Gtag shows I've done everything sans the crap that yields nothing but achievement points by shallowly adding collection "gameplay" in the mix. Was it perfect? Hell no but it was better than a lot of the stuff that's churned out. I'm hoping Ubi fixes the mistakes made in this first game of the franchise and deliver a stellar sequel. But yeah I do agree with why you're disappointed, Ubi promised the world and it didn't deliver quite as expected.

That said, Shadowrun sucked mesh I'm sorry but it did. You shouldn't have even brought up Warhawk as no one was talking about PS3 games but if you want to go there Warhawk blows that game out of the water easily. Sad that FASA is no more because I wanted the franchise to get another fair shot at becoming something special. The SNES/Genesis game was dope.

lawman11084041d ago

As much as I take joy in bashing Sony I do give credit where credit is do. Warhawk is a fun game and it is far and away better then shadow run. I could not even finish the demo to that turd. WH just is not "a good looking game" Fun but ugly. And I hate the six axes control

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predator4042d ago

prey was ok i thought, if the lag didnt plague online that would of been really good,

perfect dark zero- that was unfair since it was alaunch title, rushed and built on alpha engine, wait to see what rare can do now with perfect dark 2

PS360WII4041d ago

I agree. How dare they pick on Prey! That game was awesome but yea the online did lag a wee bit. The single player was very well crafted and I'm not sure what these guys are saying :( ah well it's just a list.

Skerj4041d ago

The coolest part of Prey was the beginning when Don't Fear The Reaper starts playing as the bar gets ripped apart by that tractor beam. That's still one of my most memorable gaming moments, too bad the rest of the game didn't deliver quite like that.

PS360WII4041d ago

ha yea that was a great moment in the game :)

lawman11084041d ago

I had it forever finally put it in and finished it. I liked how you could save any place you needed to but some of the upside down stuff got old. Solid 7 and a buy if under $30 bucks

MK_Red4041d ago

I also liked Prey.
As for the list, I strongly disagree with AC. It was definitly a game well worth the hype and wait.

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mikeslemonade4042d ago

I still can't believe Gamespot gave PDZ at 9 and then gave Resistance an 8.5 and zelda twilight 8.5.

bym051d4042d ago

They didn't include 99 Nights? That was a massively hyped game that ended up being a dud.

Kameo and Perfect Dark too.

Lord Cheese4041d ago

i played the demo of 99 nights and instantly cancelled my preorder. The only thing that game would get you is a broken controller from all the button bashing. What a pile of....

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