Strategy Informer reviews F.E.A.R. Files

F.E.A.R Files offers FPS fans a quick burst of activity before the next triple A title arrives and if you've played the original you'll certainly like this.

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bumnut4016d ago

it just looks exactly the same as the 1st game, which looks very dated by todays standards.

i won't be buying this.

SuperSaiyan44016d ago

Why? Well I loved the first one, if you can look past the rather bland visuals and look at the physics and how things blow up and how many things can be destroyed i.e. pillars, some walls etc and look at the superb weapons you get like the amazing mini gun and lazer and want to continue with the story from the first then buy it.

However shelling out £40 for this is not worth it, however if you buy it from Gamestation then you can take it back in 10 days (as long as it doesnt have scratches on it) and swap it for something else, thats what I am doing.