Q&A: Transmission Games on Sin City, Heroes Over Europe

Australian dev house IR Gurus is one of the country's oldest and largest studios, and was recently purchased by US-based Red Mile Entertainment in August this year. The developers -- who are best-known for Heroes Over the Pacific, Heatseeker, and various AFL games -- have also recently undergone a name change to Transmission Games, and are now working on games based on the Sin City series of graphic novels. GameSpot AU talked to CEO Mike Fegan during the recent Game Connect Asia Pacific Conference to find out more about the recent takeover and how Sin City development was progressing.

Tidbits from the interview regarding the Sin City game:
- It is pre-production at the moment.
- The storyline is completely new, because they "want to create something unique and a new experience for people. And Frank [Miller] is pretty keen to expand this into an interactive experience."
- It will come out to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.
- It uses the Unreal 3 engine. It will be a third-person action adventure game.
- It will retain the graphic novels' art style.

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Skerj4016d ago

Retaining the art style YES. I'm picturing it looking like La Noire/Okami hybrid with some awesome NPR techniques.