EA Wants To Re-Define What It Means To Be A Publisher

EA COO Peter Moore is no longer comfortable with publishers' role as intermediaries of video game production. Instead, he considers their peers to be Google and Amazon, not Activision, as EA use aggressive expansion in the social market and Origin to transition from being a facilitator and distributor of video game production to "internet-focused service organisation" of gaming experiences.

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Hufandpuf1920d ago

in short, EA wants to be Steam/Valve.

malol1920d ago

why not ?
every games publisher wants to be like Valve and have something like steam

they have to do it right tho
that's the problem

Tony P1920d ago

I had hoped that EA wanted to do something to dispel the notion that publishers are nothing but greedy asshats, but no such luck.

kramun1920d ago

They're too big to care about being greedy asshats unfortunately. Every avenue must be explored and exploited until all avenues are under lock and key.

It's the publishing business way. Leave no stone unturned.

Saryk1920d ago

Someone at EA needs to put the pipe down.

Want to be like Steam? Treat your customers like customers!

thedarkvault1920d ago

EA live chat is one nice thing about their customer service that a lot of the competition doesn't offer. But yeah they can still do better.

adorie1920d ago

and carry your competitors games on your online distribution platform.

Valve has set the bar too high. it will take Electronic Arts many millions to imitate Valve, in the slightest manner.

Tony P1920d ago

"Origin sucks!"

Aussies telling it like it is.

josephayal1920d ago

EA wants to be NAUGHTY GOD? Never ea! Never!

lorianguy1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Naughty Dog is a Developer :)

Pikajew1920d ago

ND is a developer not publisher.

Bolts1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

If you want to be like Steam then you have to match their prices. The problem with Origin is that their prices are mostly no better than retail.


C_Menz1920d ago

Some of their prices are the same as stores, but they do have good deals on there. 33% off coupon for your birthday, and they gave away a free game download for pre-ordering BF3.

I hope as they update Origin(since it is still in "beta") they tweak their prices. Since they are cutting the middle man out then there should be no reason why their games shouldn't be $40 when games are $50 and $50 when they are $60. Only downside is that this may effect their business with retailers since more people would order through Origin.

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